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Luis Virgil

From the XSIII Database Transcription:

Former lieutenant in the Galaxy Federation Navy. Following the disappearance of planet Ariadne, he was a member of the investigative force aboard the cruiser Woglinde.

He was a top-class A.G.W.S. Pilot. He was fatally shot by KOS-MOS during the Gnosis attack on the Woglinde. A vicious-looking man, the skin all over his body was cracked and splintered as a result of DME addiction.

He showed a prejudicial and cruel attitude towards Realians which bordered on outright enmity. While it is unknown exactly what brought on this hatred for Realians, it seems to be the result of an event which took place 15 years ago when he was a soldier during the second and third Miltian descent operations.

It is thought that he shared some contact at that time with Febronia—the Realian who sent Shion a message in the encephalon.

He later appeared as a Testament, a member of Wilhelm’s vanguard force. His attempts to contact Shion even after he became a Testament appeared to be motivated more by his own past than the result of Wilhelm’s orders.

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