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 +**Jin Uzuki**
 +//From the XSIII Database Transcription://​
 +Former Captain of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Intelligence Bureau. Older brother of Shion.
 +While in the military, he was ranked directly under Margulis and was Pellegri’s superior. He and Margulis both learned swordsmanship under Jin’s grandfather,​ Ouga Uzuki.
 +After becoming aware of Margulis’s treachery during the Miltian Conflict, Jin received information from his father Suou and began his own secret-information activities under then-Lieutenant General Helmer. His relationship with chaos also began during this period.
 +While he shared a deep connection with Pellegri during his time in the Federation military, they never walked the same path again, due to differences in heir relative stations. It is a particular sad conclusion considering that his mother Aoi, like Pellegri, had inherited the bloodline of the Immigrant Fleet, and the same blood clearly ran through Jin.
 +Though his life as lost defending chaos in the Zarathustra battle, his spirit—his consciousness—travels alongside Nephilim to the distant land of Lost Jerusalem. Perhaps his consciousness,​ like those of countless others, lies in sleep eternal, awaiting the appointed day. Until a time when all has gathered.

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