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Jin Uzuki

From the XSIII Database Transcription:

Former Captain of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Intelligence Bureau. Older brother of Shion.

While in the military, he was ranked directly under Margulis and was Pellegri’s superior. He and Margulis both learned swordsmanship under Jin’s grandfather, Ouga Uzuki.

After becoming aware of Margulis’s treachery during the Miltian Conflict, Jin received information from his father Suou and began his own secret-information activities under then-Lieutenant General Helmer. His relationship with chaos also began during this period.

While he shared a deep connection with Pellegri during his time in the Federation military, they never walked the same path again, due to differences in heir relative stations. It is a particular sad conclusion considering that his mother Aoi, like Pellegri, had inherited the bloodline of the Immigrant Fleet, and the same blood clearly ran through Jin.

Though his life as lost defending chaos in the Zarathustra battle, his spirit—his consciousness—travels alongside Nephilim to the distant land of Lost Jerusalem. Perhaps his consciousness, like those of countless others, lies in sleep eternal, awaiting the appointed day. Until a time when all has gathered.

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