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XG Translation Xenogears Re-Translation and Script Comparison

This page will feature a comparison between the original Japanese (JP), Honeywell's localization (EN1), and fan re-translation (EN2). The long-distance goal is to help facilitate (interest in) a much-needed script patch for the game.

The re-translation is being compiled by Reichu. When previous re-translation efforts exist, courtesy of the now-defunct Xenotensei and Eye for the Infinite sites, they will be utilized as references or temporary stand-ins on an as-needed basis. (Borrowed translations will be marked with *.) Otherwise, re-translation will be done by Reichu from scratch, with the expected mixed results.

The current priority is simply first-stage processing, since streamlining and editing for fluency can always come later.

Contents [hide] 1 General Substitutions 1.1 Proper Noun List 1.2 Other Terms 2 Re-translation 2.1 Ch.51 Krelian's Laboratory 2.1.1 Hologram Room 2.1.2 Citan's Info-dump 2.1.3 Fei Meets the Ministry 2.1.4 Check-Up with Dr. Krelian General Substitutions Proper Noun List Here is an ongoing compilation of -proper nouns- that would presumably be replaced in the hypothetical script patch. “Reason” provides the justification for doing so. Romaji provided for the interest of those who can't read the Japanese.

Original Romaji Localization Replacement Reason アヴェー Ave- Aveh Ave Spelling used on in-game signs. アクヴィ Akuvi Aquvy Acvi Used in Perfect Works. Less prone to mispronunciation. アルル Aruru Alice Aruru Reversion to original name. As funny as it looks, “Aruru” is actually the name of a Sumerian fertility goddess. イグニス Igunisu Ignas Ignis Used in Perfect Works. Consistent with the katakana. エテメンアンキ Etemen'anki Etrenank Etemenanki Maintains the reference to the ziggurat. エメラダ Emerada Emeralda Emerada Used in Perfect Works. Consistent with the katakana. エリィ Eri Elly Ellie Used in Perfect Works and elsewhere. エレハイム Erehaimu Elhaym Elehayym Used in Perfect Works. エルル Eruru Elru Elul Maintains the reference to the Hebrew month. オピオモルプス Opiomorupusu Opiomorph Opiomorphus Consistency with katakana. カーラン Ka-ran Kahran Carlin Used in Perfect Works. “Carlin Becker” makes more sense as a name than “Kahran Becker”. カレルレン Kareruren Krelian Karellen Used in Perfect Works. Maintains Childhood's End reference. 教会 Kyoukai Ethos The Church If I had my way it would be the “Ethos Church” canonically, but, alas… ゲーティアの小鍵 Ge-tia no shouken Gaetia Key Lesser Goetia Key Maintains reference to The Lesser Key of Solomon. ゲブラー Gebura- Gebler Geburah / Gevurah Maintains the reference to the sephirah. グラーフ Gura-fu Grahf Graf Used in Perfect Works. Means “count” in German. ケルビナ Kerubina Kelvena Cherubina Used in Perfect Works. Maintains the reference to cherubim. シタン Shitan Citan Shitan Used in Perfect Works. Looks Japanese or at least East Asian, in accordance with the character's implied ethnicity (cf. “Hyuga Rikudou”). タムズ Tamuzu Thames Tammuz Maintains the reference to the Hebrew month. ノアトゥン Noatun Nortune Noatun Maintains the reference to Norse mythology (Nóatún, which means “ship-enclosure” amusingly enough). バルトロメイ Barutoromei Bartholomew Bartholomei Used in Perfect Works. Makes more sense than “-mew”, considering the katakana. A legitimate Slavic variation, as well. ブレイダブリク Bureidaburiku Bledavik Breidablik Maintains the reference to Baldr's home in Norse mythology. ヘルムホルツ Herumuhorutsu Helmholz Helmholtz ミァン Mian (small “a”) Miang Myyah Used in Perfect Works. Intended to partly mirror “Elehayym”. メルカバー Merukaba- Merkava Merkabah The spelling “Merkava” seems more closely associated with modern Israeli ordnance. “Merkabah” maintains the ties to the original “chariot” concept. リクドウ Rikudou Ricdeau Rikudou “Rikudou” is an actual Japanese surname, congruent with the Japanese given name “Hyuga”. Other Terms Original Localization Replacement Reason 先生 Doctor / Doc Sensei While generally effective, “Doctor” implies that Shitan has a medical degree or a doctorate, which to my knowledge lacks any canonical basis. Normally I would want to avoid sensei in translation, Shitan does have the distinction of being Japanese (in a setting where Terran ethnicity doesn't make much sense, but… I quibble), so retaining the title feels appropriate.

Re-translation Dialogue will be sorted by chapter. As Reichu's copy of the official script book is still en route from Japan, these divisions may not be completely accurate to start with.

Ch.51 Krelian's Laboratory JP: 疑惑 死のカレルレン研究所 EN: Krelian's Laboratory RE: Misgivings ~ Karellen's Laboratory of Death

Chapter 51, going by Thousands of Daggers.

Hologram Room Original Localization Re-Take □ フェイ  ラムズナンバー 001589750  ウォン・フェイフォン  エーテル感応値  ……無限大  アニマとの同調率 ……無限大  備考  接触者。  早急な処分を望む。▽

□ Fei Lambs Number 001589750 Fei Fong Wong Ether Response… Infinite Anima Alignment… Infinite Comments Contact. Immediate disposal desired.

□ Fei Lambs Number 001589750 Wong Fei Fong Ether Response Rate… Infinite Anima Alignment Value… Infinite Comments: The Contact. Immediate disposal desired.

□ エリィ  ガゼルナンバー 6920188-2  エレハイム・ヴァンホーテン  エーテル感応値  ……無限大  アニマとの同調率 ……無限大  備考  対存在の可能性あり。  回収、分析の必要性を認める。▽

□ Elly Minister Number 6920188-2 Elhaym Van Houten Ether Response… Infinite Anima Alignment… Infinite Comments Possible Antitype. Approval for retrieval and necessary analysis granted.

□ Ellie Gazel Number 6920188-2 Elehayym Van Houten Ether Response Rate…Infinite Anima Alignment Value…Infinite Comments: Possible anti-being. Need for retrieval and analysis acknowledged.

□ シタン  ラムズナンバー 584921547  ヒュウガ・リクドウ  エーテル感応値  ……240  アニマとの同調率 ……98  備考  無し。▽

□ Citan Lambs Number 584921547 Hyuga Ricdeau Ether Response…240 Animus Alignment…98 Comments None.

□ Shitan Lambs Number 584921547 Hyuga Rikudou Ether Response Rate…240 Animus Alignment Value…98 Comments: None.

□ バルト  ラムズナンバー 221589542  バルトロメイ・ファティマ  エーテル感応値  ……210  アニマとの同調率 ……90  備考  アニマ“ダン”の回収後、  アニムスとして調整予定。▽

□ Bart Lambs Number 221589542 Bartholomew Fatima Ether Response… 210 Anima Alignment…90 Comments Upon 'Dan' Anima's retrieval, schedule for Animus adjustment.

□ Bart Lambs Number 221589542 Bartholomei Fatima Ether Response Rate…210 Anima Alignment Rate…90 Comments: Following the recovery of Anima “Dan”, schedule for adjustment as Animus.

□ リコ  試験混合体ナンバー000-215914  リカルド・バンデラス  エーテル感応値  ……160  アニマとの同調率 ……85  備考  『教会』による試験混合体  として生成。  キスレブバトリング委員会に  よってその潜在戦闘力を測定。  データは転送済み。  アニムスとして調整予定。▽

□ Rico Test Mixture Number 000-215914 Ricardo Banderas Ether Response…160 Anima Alignment…85 Comments Created by the 'Ethos' as an experimental mixture.

Used by the Kislev Battling Association to measure battle potential.

The data has been transferred. Schedule for Animus adjustment.

□ Rico Experimental Mixture Number 000-215914 Ricardo Banderas Ether Response Rate…160 Anima Alignment Value…85 Comments: Created as an experimental mixture by the Church.

Kislev Battling Committee measured his latent fighting power.

Data has been transferred. Schedule adjustment as Animus.

□ ビリー  ガゼルナンバー 321658-11  ビリー・ブラック  エーテル感応値  ……290  アニマとの同調率 ……92  備考  アニムスとして調整予定。▽

□ Billy Minister Number 321658-11 Billy Black Ether Response…290 Anima Alignment…92 Comments Schedule for Animus adjustment.

□ Billy Gazel Number 321658-11 Billy Black Ether Response Rate…290 Anima Alignment Value…92 Comments: Schedule adjustment as Animus.

□ マリア  ラムズナンバー 54109854  マリア・バルタザール  エーテル感応値  ……170  アニマとの同調率 ……74  備考  実用性認められず。▽

□ Maria Lambs Number 54109854 Maria Balthasar Ether Response…170 Anima Alignment…74 Comments Unusable.

□ Maria Lambs Number 54109854 Maria Balthasar Ether Response Rate…170 Anima Alignment Value…74 Comments: No recognized utility.

□ チュチュ  原生動物  エーテル感応値  ……不適合  アニマとの同調率 ……不適合  備考  実用性認められず。  よって破棄処分とする。▽

□ Chu-Chu Primitive Animal Ether Response…N/A Anima Alignment…N/A Comments Unusable. Annul and dispose.

□ Chuchu Primitive Animal Ether Response Rate…Incompatible Anima Alignment…Incompatible Comments: No recognized utility. Annul and dispose accordingly.

□ エメラダ  コードネーム エメラダ  エーテル感応値  ……測定不能  アニマとの同調率 ……同調不可  備考 ナノマシン群体。  データの収集完了。  よって破棄処分とする。▽

□ Emeralda Codename Emeralda Ether Response…N/A Anima Alignment…None Comments Nanomachine Colony. Data analysis complete. Annul and dispose.

□ Emerada Codename Emerada Ether Response Rate…Measurement Impossible Anima Alignment Value…Alignment Inadvisable Comments: Nanomachine colony. Data collection complete. Annul and dispose accordingly.

Citan's Info-dump Original Localization Re-Take フェイ 「うん? ここも開かないぜ。▽

FEI “Huh? This one won't open either.”

Fei: Huh? Won't open here, either.

シタン 「さあ、こっちです。▽

CITAN “This way.”

Shitan: Right this way.

エリィ (どうして……ドアロックの  解除コードが分かるのかしら?

ELLY (Why… is the deactivation code for the door lock known?)

Ellie: How does he know the door lock's release code?

フェイ 「待ってくれ先生……▽

FEI “Doc, wait…”

Fei: Hold up, Sensei.

フェイ 「一体、ここの施設は何なんだ?▽

FEI “What's this facility for?”

Fei: What in the world IS this facility?

シタン 「もともとここは、原初の刻より  生き続けている身まかられては  困る御方。▽  天帝を頂点とする、ガゼル法院の  延命研究を兼ねた施設だった。▽

CITAN “This place was not meant to be seen since the origin of time.

This facility centers around the Emperor and the Ministry's longevity experiments.”

Shitan: Originally this was a facility used in part for the Gazel Ministry's longevity research. The Emperor, who reigns over them, is one who has lived on since primordial times and cannot be allowed to die.

[Many kudos to Numbers-kun for helping to make sense of this part. The first sentence here is so difficult that even Honeywood completely gave up on it, it seems. Some rewriting was necessary due to the bizarro grammar, but hopefully all of the information is now present. -Reichu] フェイ 「原初の刻?▽

FEI “The origin of time?”

Fei: Primordial times?

シタン 「そう……。一万年の昔。  この地上にヒトという生物が  生まれた。▽

CITAN “Yes… 10,000 years ago. Beings called humans were born here.

Shitan: Yes… 10,000 years ago. Creatures called humans were born upon this earth.

 その最初のヒトが天帝カインと  ガゼルの法院を構成する  老人達なのです。▽

The first were the Emperor and the Ministry's elders.” Those first humans were Emperor Cain and the old men comprising the Gazel Ministry. [It doesn't say “men” specifically, but the original word seems more a generic term for old people, lacking the connotations of “elder”. While I personally doubt the Ministry AREN'T all dudes, I may ultimately go with “elder” anyway.]

 エリィ  「そんな……。  一万年も生きる人間なんて……。▽

ELLY “How could a human… live 10,000 years…?”

Ellie: But that's– How could humans live for 10,000 years?

シタン 「もちろんそれは天帝ただ一人。 彼は死ねない運命のヒトなのです。▽

CITAN “Now only the Emperor is left. His destiny is to never die.

Shitan: Naturally, that was only one person, the Emperor. He is a human whose destiny is to never die.

 だが、ガゼルの運命は違った。▽ However, the Ministry is different. But the Gazel's destiny was different.  かつての地上人との戦争……  ディアボロスの侵攻によって、  ガゼルの老人達は、肉体を失って  しまった。▽

Once, during the Diabolos invasion… the Ministry elders died losing their bodies. Due to the war with the former surface-dwellers… or, rather, because of the Diabolos' invasion, the old men of Gazel lost their bodies altogether.

 現在ソラリスを統治している  ガゼルの法院は、メモリーバンク  上に存在する、個々のパーソナリ  ティーごとのデータに過ぎない。▽

Now, the Solaris governing Ministry exists as data in memory banks. Each of their personalities are bits of data.”

Now the Solaris-governing Gazel Ministry exists on memory banks, each of their respective personalities mere data.

フェイ 「メモリーバンク上のデータだって?▽

FEI “It's the data on the memory bank?” Fei: Data on memory banks? シタン 「そう。肉体も魂もない、  ただの数字の列。▽  実体あってなき存在……。▽

CITAN Having neither flesh nor souls they are just binary numbers. They both exist and do not exist at the same time…

Shitan: They are but numeric strings, having neither flesh nor soul. Immaterial existences…

シタン 「崩壊の日の後、肉体に固執する  彼等はその復活を望み、それに  相応しい生体を創り出す為、▽  研究施設として地上にあった  ソイレントシステムの一つを  ここエテメンアンキに移した。▽

CITAN “After the Fall, wanting to resurrect their bodies, and create a worthy vessel, they transferred a research facility that was once the Soylent System on the land to Etrenank.

Shitan: After the Day of Collapse, they became fixated upon their [lost] corporeality. Desiring resurrection, they transferred one of the Soylent Systems from the surface to Etemenanki so that it might produce suitable bodies.

 やがてその施設は、単に天帝と  法院の延命処置、肉体復活の研究を  するだけにとどまらず、▽  特殊な添加物を混入した民意統制用  の薬品や食料、生物兵器の研究施設  としての役割も兼ねるように  なっていった。▽

Eventually the facility was no longer only for the Emperor's life and the Ministry's resurrection, but it began producing food and drugs with additives that controlled the public.

Eventually the institution, no longer limited to researching only the Emperor's longevity treatments and Ministry's corporeal resurrection, came to double as a facility researching organic weapons, along with special food and drug additives that would regulate public opinion.

 フェイ達が何気なく  使用しているメモリーキューブも、  地上人の生体データを採取する  為に設置された装置なのですよ。▽

The memory cube Fei and them were using was meant for obtaining living data.

The memory cubes, too, which Fei and the others used without concern – they are devices that were installed to collect surface-dwellers' bio-data

 もちろん『教会』から送られて  くる種々データも、その一助と  なっていた。▽

Of course, the 'Ethos' also sent various data to help.”

Of course, various data was also sent by the Church to help.

フェイ 「それじゃあ俺達は、そのガゼルの  老人達の為に、日々暮らして  いたってのか!?▽ FEI “That means we were living for those elderly people of Gazel?”

Fei: So, we were living day in and day out, all for those old Gazel fogies?

シタン 「そうです。

CITAN “Yes.”

Shitan: Correct. エリィ 「個々の生体データを、  メモリーキューブによって▽  記録を採る度に送信して▽  法院の肉体の復活に  役立てる為に!?▽

ELLY “They're transferring and taking living data via memory cubes to the Ministry so they can use them to resurrect their bodies!?”

Ellie: Individual bio-data is transmitted via the memory cubes every time a record is taken, to be put to use for the Ministry's physical resurrection?! シタン 「そうです。▽

CITAN “Yes.”

Shitan: Correct. フェイ 「さっきの工場で分解されていた  亜人達もそうだっていうのか!?▽

FEI “You mean those mutants getting disassembled at that factory were too?”

Fei: You mean the demi-humans getting cannibalized at the factory were [for that purpose], too?

シタン 「使用済みとなった出し殻……  それの再利用といった  ところでしょう。▽

CITAN “Basically, they wish to reuse the useless dregs.”

Shitan: I suppose it's like reusing the unusable dregs. フェイ 「酷すぎる……。  そんな事が……▽

FEI “That's horrid… How could they…”

Fei Meets the Ministry Will hopefully get finished later.

Original Localization Re-Take フェイ 「エリィ……▽

FEI “Elly…”

Fei: Ellie… フェイ 「先生……  いるのか?▽

FEI “Doc… You there?”

Fei: Sensei… You there?

フェイ 「うっ、  な、なんだ……

FEI “Uh, wha, what…”

Fei: Ugh, the hell… フェイ 「こ、これは……

FEI “Th, this…”

Fei: Th-, this is…

フェイ 「うわーーーー

FEI “Uhhaaaaaahhh!!”

Fei: Uwaaaaaaaaahhh!

フェイ 「うん……

FEI “Unh…”

Fei: Ughhhh… フェイ 「むっ!?  これは……

FEI “Huh? This is…”

Fei: Huh?! This is…

フェイ 「ぐぐ……

FEI “Guh… gr..”

Fei: Urrgggh…

フェイ 「だめだ……  とれない。

FEI “Can't… get it.”

Fei: No use… Won't come off.

フェイ 「う……。  これは……▽

FEI “Uh… This is…”

Fei: Uh… This is…

フェイ 「なんだこれは!?  なんだって俺にこんなものを  見せる!?▽ FEI “What is this!? Why are you showing me this!?

Fei: What is this?! Why are you showing me this stuff?!

誰だ!? 誰がこんなことを!?▽

Who!? Who did this!?

Who are you?! Who's behind this?!* エリィ! 先生!▽ どこだ!? どこに……▽

Elly! Doc! Where are you!? Where…”

Ellie! Sensei! Where are you?! Where did they–*

その光景はお前が生み出したもの…… You brought about this spectacle. That spectacle is something you brought forth… その声はお前を呪う声…… That voice is the one which haunts you… That voice is the voice that damns you… 忌々しや、触れ得ざる者…… Cursed, untouchable one… Accursed, untouchable one… 神の愛し子たる、 我らの悲願をはばむ者……

Oh god's beloved child, those who prevent our prayers…

One who hinders the deepest yearnings of us, God's beloved children… 捕らえよ…… Get… Be seized… 滅せよ…… Destroy… Be destroyed… 神の炎で焼きつくせ…… Burn with god's fire… Burn with the flame of God… フェイ 「な……?▽

 FEI “Wha…?”

Fei: Wha…?

フェイ 「先生!?▽  こ、こいつらは?  なんなんだ、これは!?▽

FEI “Doc!? Th, these guys? What is this!?”

Fei: Sensei?! Wh-what's with these guys? What's going on?!

フェイ 「バルト!?

FEI “Bart!?”

Fei: Bart?!

フェイ 「ビリー!▽

FEI “Billy!”

Fei: Billy!

フェイ 「先生!!  こ、これはどういうことなんだ!?▽  みんなはなにを……?  答えてくれ! 先生!▽

FEI “Doc!! What's going on!? What are you all…? Doc! Answer me!”

Fei: Sensei!! The hell's the meaning of this?! What's happened to everyone? Answer me! Sensei!

老人 「ここにおるのは、  ソラリス守護天使が一人、  ヒュウガ・リクドウ。▽

ELDER “One of the Solaris Guardian Angels is here, Hyuga Ricdeau.”

Old Man: This is one of the Solaris Guardian Angels, Hyuga Rikudou.*

老人 「この男はカイン……お前たちが  天帝と呼ぶ者の命を受け、▽  彼の地へとおもむき、お前の監視を  続けていた……。▽

ELDER This man is Cain… Receiving the orders from the one known as Emperor, you've entered his realm, and have been under his continued supervision…

Old Man: Under the orders of Cain, the one you call the Emperor, he proceeded to those lands to continue monitoring you……

フェイ 「ソラリス守護天使?  俺の監視だって……?▽

FEI “Solaris Guardian Angel? Monitoring me?”

Fei: A Solaris Guardian Angel? Monitoring me……? 老人 「そうだ。▽  そしてお前に引き寄せられるで  あろう、我等が“アニムス”と  なりうる者達を取捨選択、▽  このソラリスまで導いてきたのだ。▽

ELDER “Oh yes. We've guided Solaris and even selected the 'Animus' which have been drawn to you. And guided you here to Solaris.”

Elder: Just so. As well as leading here to Solaris those who have gathered to you, whom we have selected to become “Animus”.*

老人 「“アニムス”は、身体無き  我らの復活に欠かせぬもの……。▽  この者達は我等の肉体……  憑代なのだ。▽

ELDER “The 'Animus' is needed for our resurrection… These are our bodies… This what we possess.”

Old Man: The “Animus” are required for the revival of we who are disembodied.* They are our flesh, vessels to receive us.

老人 「そう、ただそれのみの存在……。▽

ELDER Yes, this is the only reason we exist… Old Man: Yes, they exist only for that……* フェイ 「バルト達が  お前達の肉体……!?▽  本当なのか!?  先生!▽  こいつらの言っていることは……▽

FEI “The bodies of Bart and the others belong to you? Is that true!? Doc! What they are saying?”

Fei: Bart and the others are your bodies?! Is this true!? Sensei! Is what they're saying true…?*

老人 「何をそう、うろたえておる?▽  信じていた者に裏切られたからか?▽

ELDER “Why so apprehensive? Is it that you were sold out by one you trusted?”

Old Man: What upsets you so? Is it because you have been betrayed by one you trusted?* フェイ 「お前らなんかに聞いちゃいない!  答えてくれ! 先生!▽

FEI “I'm not talking to you guys! Doc, answer me!”

Fei: I'm not asking any of you! Answer me, Sensei!*

シタン 「三年間……▽

CITAN “3 years…”

Shitan: For three years…

フェイ 「? ……▽

FEI “?”

Fei: …? シタン 「この三年の間、  私はあなたの側にいた。▽  そして見極めねばならなかった  我々の仇となるかどうかを……▽

CITAN “For three years I have been by your side. I had to determine whether you were going to be our enemy or not…”

Shitan: These three years I have been at your side. I had to ascertain whether you would become our enemy or not……*

フェイ 「……仇?▽

FEI “… Revenge?”

Fei: …Your enemy? 老人 「そう、仇だ。  お前は我等にとって  危険な存在なのだ……。▽

ELDER “Yes, the enemy. Your existence is a threat to us…”

Old Man: Yes, our bitter enemy. As far as we're concerned, you're a precarious presence.

老人 「故に監視する必要があった。▽ ELDER “It was necessary to keep an eye on you.”

Old Man: And so we needed to keep an eye on you.

老人 「もっとも監視をしろと  下命したのはカインだが……。▽

ELDER “The one who ordered you to be watched was Cain…”

Old Man: Though it was Cain who ordered your surveillance…

老人 「我等はそこの“アニムス”の選出と  仇となるお前の消去をもくろんだ。▽ ELDER “We were planning on the maturation of the 'Animus', and your termination. Elder: We plotted the selection of those Animus along with the elimination of you, our enemy. そしてヒュウガをお前のもとへと おもむかせた。▽

We also sent Hyuga to you.” We then sent Hyuga to you.* 老人 「だが、お前の消去は  ことごとく失敗した……。▽  あのでき損ないの塵のせいで……。▽

ELDER “However, every attempt to terminate you has failed… Because of that good for nothing trash…”

Old Man: However, every attempt to terminate you has failed… no thanks to that misbegotten trash.

老人 「それでも“アニムス”は  手中に出来た。▽  ヒュウガはよく働いてくれたよ。▽

ELDER Even so, we now possess 'Animus'. Hyuga has fulfilled his duties well.

Old Man: But even so, we have obtained the Animus. Hyuga has served us well. フェイ 「本当……なんだな……?▽  こいつらとグルになって  俺達を……▽  そのためにみんなは……▽

FEI Is… that it…? You were in with these guys… That's why you, everyone… Fei: It's true…… isn't it? You were in with these guys and [schemed against] us… That's why everyone's– フェイ 「何故だ!  お前達は俺達地上の人間を  意のままに操ってきた!▽  すでに世界をその手に  しているも同じ!▽  この上何を求めるというんだ!?▽

FEI Why! You've had your way all this time with us land dwellers! You already own the world! What more do you want?

老人 「お前も知っておろう。  我等の目的は神の復活。▽

ELDER You must know by now that we plan to resurrect god.

老人 「ヒトが地に満ちたとき、  神はその永き眠りから  目醒めるのだ……。▽  その時、マハノンも目醒める……。▽

ELDER God will awaken from his long slumber after man has populated the land… Then, Mahanon too will awaken…

フェイ 「天空の楽園マハノン?  地に墜ちたという……。▽

FEI Aerial Paradise Mahanon? The place fell to earth…

Fei: Mahanon? The paradise in the sky said to have fallen to earth?

老人 「楽園か……。  ふふふ。▽  それは正しい見方かもしれぬな…。 ELDER Paradise… Hah hah hah. That may be a proper description…

 我等の方舟……▽  その中央ブロック“マハノン”  神の封印されし場所。▽  そこは神の知恵の源……。  知識の楽園……。▽

Our ark… In the center block lord 'Mahanon' is sealed in. That is the source of god's wisdom… A paradise of knowledge…

Our ark… The center block “Mahanon”, where God is sealed away. It is the source of God's wisdom… A paradise of knowledge.

老人 「その知恵を使い、目醒めた神を  復活させ、神と我等を大宇宙へと  誘う“方舟”を築くのだ。▽

ELDER Using that knowledge, we will resurrect the awakened god and build our 'ark' to take us both into the great universe. Old Man Using that knowledge, we will resurrect the awakened God and erect the ark enticing us both into the universe.

老人 「我等の方舟の建造……。  大宇宙に君臨する為の神の軍団……▽  天使<マラーク>の創造。  その為のM計画……。▽

ELDER The construction of our ark… To reign over god's forces in this great universe… The creation of the angel 'Malakh'. The M Project was for that very purpose…

Old Man The construction of our ark… A divine legion for reigning over the universe… The creation of the malakhim. All goals of the M Plan.

“Malakh” is the Hebrew word for “angel”. The Japanese text makes it clear that the terms “angel” and “malakh” are interchangable, but this is harder to convey in translation with grace. As an artistic choice, I would delay revealing what “malakh” means until the Raziel scene, since it makes more sense for Fei to spell this out for us than for the Gazel, who exist to confuse. The plural form “malakhim” is used here, as we know they intend to make more than one. …a LOT more. -Reichu フェイ 「何だって!?▽

FEI What do you mean!?

老人 「我等は宇宙の孤児なのだ。  我々は神とともに孤独にも  この惑星に打ち捨てられたのだ。▽

ELDER We are orphans in this universe. We were thrown away onto this planet in solitude along with god.

Old Man: We are orphans of the cosmos. Abandoned on this planet with God, and yet all alone.

老人 「我々ヒトはこの星で生まれた  生命体ではない。▽  遥か昔、他の天体から  この星へとやってきた  異星の生命体なのだよ。▽

ELDER We humans were not born on this planet. Long ago, we came here from another heavenly body. We are beings from an alien planet.

Old Man: We humans are not life-forms indigenous to this planet. Long ago, we came here from another celestial body. We are alien beings. フェイ 「そんな馬鹿な!?▽

FEI That's ridiculous!?

Fei: Bullshit!

A bit too strong, perhaps…? -Reichu 老人 「嘘ではない。  お前とて、地上のいたるところを  見てきたであろう?▽  何故一万年より以前、  人の存在がないのか……。▽

ELDER This is true. You have seen the various regions of this world. Why do you think there are no records of humans before 10,000 years ago…

フェイ 「……!?▽

FEI …!?

老人 「これは神の意志なのだ。  神の復活はいにしえの原初より  運命られしもの……。▽

ELDER This is the will of god. The god's revival has been fated since before the time before genesis…

老人 「そして我等はその神と一つとなる。  新たな“アニムス”を得て……。  再び星空のもとへと還る……。▽

ELDER We will be one with god. Attaining a new 'Animus'… We will once again return to the starry skies…

老人 「それが我等の存在意義。▽

ELDER That is the meaning of our existence. 老人 「それが我等の至高目的。▽

ELDER That is our supreme objective. フェイ 「……ソラリスの力を持って、  世界に君臨することが  目的ではないんだな?▽

FEI So you're not planning on using Solaris' power to dominate the world?

老人 「当然だ。▽  このようなちっぽけな惑星ひとつ、  手に入れたところで  何の意味があろうか……。▽  我等はこの大宇宙に君臨すべく  その権利を神から与えられた。▽

ELDER Of course. What meaning is there in having control of a planet as insignificant as this? God has given us the right to rule over the universe.

老人 「そう。  血のけがれのない我等だけが、▽  その免罪符<インダルジェンス>を  得られる……。▽

ELDER Yes. Only we, who do not carry impure blood, have the right to a pardon…

老人 「故に神を復活させる。▽

ELDER So, we will resurrect god.

老人 「楽園より追放されて永劫。  福音の刻までに神の復活が  成されない場合、▽  我等は滅びの道を辿らねばならぬ。  だが……▽

ELDER It's been an eternity since our exile from paradise. If the time of god's revival does not come, we will have to follow the path to destruction. But…

老人 「“アニムス”を得た今、  我等の復活は約束された……。  後は神の復活と……▽

ELDER Having attained Animus, our resurrection is near… Next is god's resurrection. フェイ 「カレルレン!?▽

FEI Krelian!?

カレルレン 「この者の目醒めを待つだけ……。▽

KRELIAN This one only waits for the awakening…

フェイ 「エリィ!!?▽

FEI Elly!!?

Fei: Ellie?!?

Check-Up with Dr. Krelian Original Localization Re-Take エリィ 「ここは……?▽

ELLY “Where am I…?”

Ellie: Where am I…?

カレルレン 「君の記録は調べさせてもらったよ。▽

KRELIAN “I've looked into your records.”

Karellen: I took the liberty of looking into your records.

エリィ 「カ、カレルレン……閣下?▽

ELLY “K, Krelian… Commander?”

Ellie: K-Karellen… My Lord?

カレルレン 「エレハイム・ヴァンホーテン。  1年前のユーゲントでの事故……▽

KRELIAN “Elhaym Van Houten. That incident at the Jugend one year ago…

Karellen: Elehayym Van Houten. The incident at Jugend one year ago…

 ケース102、過度に調合された  昂精神薬剤の投与による  内的力動の解放。▽

Case 102. The release of your latent powers from that systematic administration of mental enhancement drugs.

Case 102. The release of latent dynamic forces due to the over-administration of a psychostimulant drug.

   その時点でのエーテル感応値は  400以上。▽  一瞬の内に当がい者2人が重傷、  3人が再生処理。▽  合っているかな?▽

In that instant, your Ether value had increased beyond 400. And in that moment, 2 were critically wounded and 3 required recycling. Am I right?”

At that time, ether response value exceeded 400. Within an instant, two of the persons involved were seriously injured, while three required recycling. Is that correct?

エリィ 「やめて下さい!▽

ELLY “Please, stop!”

Ellie: Please stop!

カレルレン 「だがこの記録は間違いだ。  これは、よくある昂精神薬による  力の暴走ではない。▽

KRELIAN “But, this record is wrong. This wasn't the usual uncontrollable mental side effects.”

Karellen: But this record is wrong. This isn't the usual loss of control over one's power brought on by the psychostimulant drugs.



ELLY “…?”

Ellie: …?

カレルレン 「これは、“君の中に眠るもう一人の  君の一時的目醒め”に  よってもたらされたものなのだよ。▽

KRELIAN “This was caused by the 'awakening of your other inner self'.”

Karellen This was caused by the momentary awakening of another self sleeping within you.

エリィ 「もう一人の私……?▽

ELLY “My other self…?”

Ellie: Another self…?

エリィ 「フェイ達は、みんなは……?▽

ELLY “Where's Fei? Where is everyone…?”

Ellie: Where are Fei and the others…?

カレルレン 「彼等はガゼルの法院の復活の為に  供される。▽  あの人工生命体の娘も同様だ。  サンプルは以前にとったもので  十二分なのでね。▽

KRELIAN “They will be used as an offering for the resurrection of the Gazel Ministry. The same fate awaits that girl, the artificial organism. I've already taken enough samples from her.

Karellen: They will be offered for the Gazel Ministry's resurrection. Same for that girl, the synthetic life-form. The samples I already took will more than suffice.

 私の計画もすでに第4段階まで  きている。  後は最後のファクターが  そろえばいいだけだ。▽  故に彼等は私にとってなんら  必要価値の見いだせない  どうでもいい存在なのだよ。  ……ただの塵だ。▽  だが、君は違う。▽

I'm already well into the fourth stage of my plan. All I need now is the final factor.

Hence, your friends are no longer of any use to me.

They're worthless. But, you are different.”

I've already entered the fourth stage of my plan, as well. All that remains is preparing the final factor. Consequently, your friends don't matter; they have no fundamental value to me whatsoever. …Mere refuse. But you are different.

エリィ 「あの、研究施設の人達のように  するというの!▽  自分の欲望の為だけに……  あなたは自分が何をしているのか  理解しているの!▽  人が人の命をもてあそぶなんて、  そんなこと絶対に許せない!▽

ELLY “You're planning on sending them to the same fate as those people in that research facility! Doing all this for your own selfish ambitions… Do you know what you're doing!? People playing with other people's lives. That's deplorable!” Ellie: So you're saying they're going to end up like the people at the research facility?! All because of what YOU want… Do you have any idea what you're doing?! You're playing with other people's lives; that's despicable!

カレルレン 「そうか……下の研究施設を  見てきたのだな。▽  あそこは現在、ソラリスの研究員  達が主に遺伝子工学の研究を  行っている施設。▽  有機生命体を操作し、  偶然によって得られる成果と、  非人道的な行為に快楽を覚える  愚か者の巣窟だ。▽  あれは私の管かつではない。  私の専門は分子工学……  ナノテクノロジーだよ。▽

KRELIAN “I see… So you've seen the research facility. Presently, the Solaris researchers are working on genetic engineering down there. It's just a nest for fools who've learned the despicable pleasure of playing with their own organic creations. They seek only serendipity and inhumanity. That is not my place. I specialize in molecular engineering… Nanotechnology.”

Karellen: So, you've gone and seen the lower research institution. Currently, genetic engineering is the main subject of investigation by Solaris' researchers there. The place is a den of fools who fiddle around with organic life, and take joy in their serendipitous results and inhuman conduct. It's beyond my jurisdiction. I specialize in the field of molecular engineering… nanotechnology.

カレルレン 「これが何か解るかね?  ナノマシン……分子機械だ。▽  これはその中の一つ、  アセンブラーといって、分子や原子  を解体、再構築し、自在に物質を  創ることの出来る機械なのだ。▽

KRELIAN “Do you know what this is? A nanomachine… a molecular machine. This is the assembler, which is one of those nanomachine machines. It can break down molecules and atoms and reconstruct it into anything.

Karellen: Do you know what these are? They're nanomachines… molecular machines. These ones are called assemblers, capable of dismantling molecules and atoms, then freely reconstructing them into substances.

 この球体一つ一つが原子の大きさに  等しい。▽  以前はこれの数十倍のサイズの  ものを作るのが精いっぱいだったが、▽  あの娘……遥か昔に滅んだゼボイム  文明の遺産のおかげで、▽  ここまで小さくかつ精巧に創る事が  出来た……。▽  この機構が遥か4000年以上も昔に  創られていたとは驚く他はない。▽

Each of these spheres are equivalent to an atom. Until recently, we were only able to produce materials which were several times the size of this. Thanks to that girl, the one we obtained from the ruins of the Zeboim civilization, we are now able to make it this compact and elaborate. To think that such a mechanism was created 4000 years ago. It's quite astonishing.

Each of these spheres is the size of an atom. Once, it was all we could do just to make ones several dozen times larger than these. However, thanks to that girl, the legacy of the fallen Zeboim civilization, we became capable of making them this compact and intricate. It's nothing but amazing that these machines were made over 4000 years ago.

 それまでのものは、雑な仕事しか  出来なかった……。▽  せいぜい損傷した人の身体を  外界から与えられたアミノ酸などを  使って再構成したり、固有の能力を  封じ込めたり……といったね。▽  君もユーゲントで人の遺伝子構造  くらいは学んでいるだろう。▽  遺伝子内の各種こう素……あれも  いってみれば自然の創りだした  分子機械だ。▽  もっとも我々が自然発生の  始原生命体<プロゲノート>だと  すればの話だが……。▽

Up until we discovered this, the work was rather crude.

The best we could possibly do until now was to apply amino acid solutions to wounded areas for amelioration or to seal up any peculiar abilities. I'm sure you've had some exposure to genetics when you were in the Jugend. Each type of those enzymes inside the DNA… are also molecular machines that were created by nature. That is, if we are indeed the progeny of the very first organism.”  The ones we had prior to that were capable of only crude work. At most, they could be used on the wounded to externally administer amino acids and perform reconstruction, or to restrict innate abilities, and such like. I'm sure even you studied gene structure, at least, in Jugend. The various enzymes within genes… Those too are molecular machines produced by nature, you could say. [pending]

エリィ 「その分子機械を使ってあなたは  何をしようというの?▽  それと私と何の関係があるの?▽

ELLY “What do you think of accomplishing by using that molecular machine? What connection do I have with it?”

Ellie: What do you plan to do with those molecular machines? And what do they have to do with me?

カレルレン 「従来のナノマシンでは、遺伝子の  組み替えは行えても、▽  その更に内奥、二重らせんの  空隙部分……イントロンに  隠されている情報までは  解らなかった。▽  だが新しいナノマシンはいとも  容易くその空隙に隠されている  情報を見つけてくれた。▽  本来“あるべきでない”情報をね。  まもなくその結果が出る。▽

KRELIAN “Although the nanomachines up until now could recombine DNA, they couldn't uncover any information in the intron which are located in the replacements of the double helix. However, the newer nanomachines easily discovered this data. Data that originally 'should not have existed'. And we are about to see the results of that.”

Karellen: Although traditional nanomachines could perform genetic recombination, [sono sara ni] they couldn't discern so much as the information hidden in the innermost parts, the gap sections of the double helix… (that is,) the introns. However, the new nanomachines easily discovered the information hidden within these gaps. Information that fundamentally should not exist.

We'll get the results soon.

カレルレン 「ふむ、転送されて来た記録通り、  類似波形を描いている。▽

KRELIAN “Hmm, according to the transferred record, it depicts a similar wave frequency as expected.”

Karellen: Hmm. It's depicting a comparable waveform, according to the transferred record.

カレルレン 「そして…おお、ウロボロス環……!▽  やはりそうか、そうなのだな……?▽  ミァン、そしてラカンの動き……  これで全ての説明がつく。▽

KRELIAN “And… yes, the Urobolus Ring…! That is it, isn't it…? Miang, and Lacan's actions… This explains everything.”

Karellen: And… yes, the Uroboros Ring! So it's just as I thought, isn't it? Myyah, and Lacan's behavior… This explains it all.

カレルレン 「エレハイム……  君が“母”だったのだな……。▽

KRELIAN “Elhaym… You were the 'mother'…”

Karellen: Elehayym… It's because you were the “Mother”…

エリィ 「母……?▽

ELLY “Mother…?”

Ellie: Mother…?

カレルレン 「そう。  これは君の遺伝子のエクソン置換前  の空隙……▽  本来は情報の存在しえない  イントロン部分を解析、  がい念化したものだ。▽

KRELIAN “Yes. This is what your genetic exon looked like before replacement… This is the conceptualized form of the intron which carries information that isn't supposed to exist.

Karellen: Yes. These are the gaps prior to exon replacement of your gene(s). (By) analyzing the intron section, which is information normally unable to exist, [the gaps?] have been conceptualized.

 見たまえ、このリング状の  構造体を。▽  これはウロボロスの環という、  “ある特別な者”にしか存在しない  “イントロン情報”だ。▽  ウロボロス……大母とも準えられる  このがい念のへびが、自らくわえた  その尾を放し、かま首をもたげれば  どうなるか……。▽  君はその姿に興味を抱かないか?▽


This is the Urobolus Ring which contains 'intron information' which only exists in 'certain people'. Urobolus… if we were to anatomize such a thing…

Wouldn't you be interested in what type of information it would have to offer us?”

Observe this ring-shaped structure.

This is intron information only existing in specific individuals, called the Uroboros Ring. An abstract snake with its tail in its mouth, patterned after both the Uroboros and the Great Mother. Were it to let go of its tail and raise its head, what would happen? Wouldn't you be interested in its form?

エリィ 「…………。▽

ELLY “…”

Ellie: …

カレルレン 「エレハイム、君は美しい。▽  君を見ていると、ヒトを形作る  モノのげい術性、精巧さ……。▽  そういったモノの力を感じずには  いられない。▽  私の分子機械なぞ  およびもつかない程のね。▽  君は“あの頃”と少しも  変わっていない。▽  あの“もう一人”の  ラカン同様に……。▽

KRELIAN “Elhaym, you are beautiful. When I look at you, I appreciate the artistic aspect of the human form, its elaborateness… I can't help but feel the importance of that.

As if my molecular machine is unworthy of you.

You haven't changed 'since then'.

Just like the 'other one', Lacan…”

Karellen: Elehayym, you are beautiful. When I look at you, (I'm struck by) the artistry, the intricacy, that shapes a human. I can't help but feel the power in such things.

As if my molecular machines and all else are beneath you. You haven't changed at all since those days.

Just like the “other” Lacan.

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