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Xenosaga Freaks is a weird game for PS2 released between Xenosaga Episode 1 and Xenosaga Episode 2. It has only been released in Japan. It is not really a game, though; it is more a product which provides some information about Episode 1, and gives some previews and even a playable demo of Episode 2.

However Xenosaga Freaks also includes a game which looks like a Japanese visual novel, and is called “Xenocomi”.

Xenocomi allows users to play a little story taking place during a break in Episode 1. You can play as Shion, Jr, Ziggy, chaos, MOMO, KOS-MOS, and finally Allen. Each character has its own story, but in fact the general frame is the same. What is interesting is the fact that the game has some discrete references to elements belonging to Episode 2 (for example the mental link between MOMO and Sakura).

Some Xenosaga fans have not only translated the script of the game, they have also exported the images and used the Ren'Py Visual Novel engine to play the game on a PC/MAC/Linux.

For now, only Ziggy, chaos, KOS-MOS, MOMO and Jr are available. Allen and Shion are the next.

The current XenoComi files are located here: http://xeno-underground.net/jintoki/

Ziggy' Story - Windows - Mac - Linux
chaos's Story - Windows - Mac - Linux
KOS-MOS's Story - Windows - Mac - Linux
MOMO' Story - Windows - Mac - Linux
Jr's Story - Windows - Mac - Linux

The translated stories can also be watched there :


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