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Xenosaga I & II DS XSI & II DS

Xenosaga I.II is a game only released in Japan for the Nintendo DS, but a fan translation has begun in 2008.

The game has the same scenario that the Episode 1 and Episode 2. However this version is closer to the original script concerning the events of Episode 2. It also details some scenes which has been cut in PS2 version such as the death of Sakura.

The story is divided in chapters with German names.

Some dialogs which do not appear in PS2 version has been translated.

The translations have been done by Jinx (Jinxhaas) and Gwendal.

You can read them in the section “Translated main story dialogs” below :

Translated main story dialogs

In addition to the main story, some extra stories can be unlocked by playing. There is one (sometimes two) by character. You can read the translation of this stories in the section “Translated Side stories” below.

Translated Side Stories

At last, this game also contains a database. Some entries about “unknown” phenomenons or objects (U-DO for example) has been translated in English. See the link below.

Translated entries of the database

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