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“Xenosaga Outer File” is an official drama CD created from the universe of “Xenosaga Episode 1 - Der Wille zur Macht” (a game for PS2).

This drama CD is quite interesting because (warning 2 major spoilers just below) :

-it reveals how the crew of the Elsa met chaos and became affiliated to the Kukai Fondation (that is to say, how they get so indebted to the Fondation).

-it reveals why Richard says “Long time no see” by seeing Jr and MOMO in the first CD of Xenosaga Episode II : they have met before.

The story takes place during the break in Xenosaga Episode 1 at the Kukai Fondation. It is divided in 3 CDs of 7 chapters.

There is an unofficial flash translation of the entire CD1 and of the chapters 1 to 5 of CD2. This is the work of the Xeno-fans Abel, Jinx and Ms Y. You can see it there :


The translation of the chapter 6 and 7 of the CD2 and of all the CD3 can be read here. This is the work of meishu :

meishu translation

The covers of the CDs :

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