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 +//From the transcription of the XSIII Database://
 +Realians are said to be the culmination of molecular bioengineering. Their body makeup ranges from carbon-based and very similar to that of humans to constructions based on silicon and even liquid metal. There is a type for every application.
 +Legally they were considered equipment, but they possessed intelligence and emotions—which had been suppressed for their role as servants.
 +Their basic human rights were acknowledged after the Miltian Conflict, however, and—apart from some Realians used for special work or in extreme conditions—their emotions were no longer deactivated. On the other hand, their manufacturers had fitted them with “emergency control codes” for merchandise control and crisis management purposes.
 +Many firms are manufacturing Realians, but their critical program—i.e.,​ their central nervous system—is generally produced by Vector. It is a veritable black box, and all maintenance,​ procedures beyond everyday adjustments,​ and alterations can only be carried out at Vector’s Third Division.
 +There was a time when Miltia’s U-TIC Organization performed a great deal of research and development into specialized Realians. It was during this time that the 100-Series Observational Unit and battle Realians underwent improvement. It appears that various other Realian research took place as well, but most of the associated data was lost during the Miltian Conflict, and no further information is available today.

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