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 {{ :​miyuki1.png?​200|Miyuki Itsumi }} {{ :​miyuki1.png?​200|Miyuki Itsumi }}
-Former Systems Programmer for [[vector_industries|Vector Industries]] First R&D Division, Shion'​s junior. +Edit: 
-Her best attribute is her constantly chipper and upbeat personalityHer ability ​to +Since A.C. has returned his study guide to the webhe has requested that the content on this page that was his be removed\\  
-maintain her usual brightness even under grave circumstances is not bravadobut a +You can find his restored guide here: 
-sign of legitimate toughness. Joining Vector Second R&D Division ​was the realization +http://​xenogearsxenosagastudyguide.blogspot.com/ \\
-of her longtime wish. Currently, she's immersed in new weapons development+
-Her tendency to rack up expenses at every turn is a perpetual source of headaches +
-amongst her superiors+
-In a manner of speaking, she is a woman true to her own +\\ 
-desires. Quite the mechanical whiz, she is always asking Shion and the others to try +You can find general information on Miyuki elsewhere:​\\ 
-out her latest inventions, which include Shion'​s M.W.S.. Patent applications are +http://​xenosaga.wikia.com/​wiki/​Miyuki_Itsumi \\ 
-something of a hobby for her.+https://en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​List_of_Xenosaga_characters#​Miyuki_Itsumi \\
-*** Enneagram Type** 
-According to Enneagram personality analysis, Miyuki exhibits a Type 7 personality 
-type (talent-rich / impulsive / excessive / high-spirited). Miyuki displayed healthy Type 
-7 characteristics. Filled with joy, wildly enthusiastic,​ active, productive, holding an 
-interest in many things, and displayed multiple talents that she performed skillfully 
-in. Her mind is restless and filled with ideas and plans for activities to look forward to, 
-which prevents her from getting bored. As for the personality type as a whole, every 
-Type 7 tends to be exceptionally talented. On the other hand, many with this 
-personality are seen to be rather childish. They tend not to be very content and are 
-always looking for the next exciting thing to experience. Type 7s do not put much 
-meaning on excelling for profit and recognition. 
-Miyuki is further categorized in her behavior aspect as a Self-Preservation 7. This 
-subtype is the most materialistic,​ thoroughly enjoying the things of the material 
-world. Often, they will cultivate other friends who are knowledgeable about mutual 
-interests to exchange information about bargains and to stay up with the newest 
-developments available. Opportunistic. 
-Miyuki was written by Tetsuya Takahashi. 
-Miyuki is voiced by Emi Uwagawa (JP ver) and Julie Ann Taylor / Heather Hogan (NA 
-Miyuki is a common Japanese female name which has several possible meanings, 
-such as "​happiness"​ or "good fortune"​. 
-"Woo hoo! Pretty cool, huh? Did you see the Rhine Maiden? I am soooo glad I requested 
-that transfer to Second Division! If I didn’t, I never would’ve seen this beauty in action."​ 
-"Ooo, a little nervous stutter? Men are such animals!"​ 

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