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'Kahran Ramsus' commands Gebler alongside Miang and holds a prominent position in the hierarchy in Solaris. He was originally created in a nanoreactor by Miang and Krelian as a clone of the Emperor Cain, but was thrown away once Fei was discovered. He grew up in the Elements, a special Solaris fighting squad founded by Jesiah Blanche, and came to know Citan and Sigurd Harcourt, who were both attracted to Ramsus' ideals regarding the political power structure in Solaris. Citan, Jesiah, and Sigurd start to become estranged from Kahran when Miang begins to groom him for power at Krelian's behest. Between leaving the Elements group and the beginning of the game, with Miang's help, Ramsus converts Solaris' class warfare from focusing around the question of purity of blood to a question of one's ether-based talent. Citan and Sigurd cite that this political change, while a step forward, did not break Solaris out of its toxic state of elitism, only changed it.

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