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Immigrant Fleet

One of the space fleets that escaped Earth when Lost Jerusalem disappeared. During an extended period of nomadic existence, the fleet’s scope expanded and split apart, and each splinter fleet emigrated to a newly discovered settlement area.

At the start of the T.C. 4000s, it reunited with another fleet that had escaped from Earth—a group that had already formed a united organization of nations in the form of the Galaxy Federation. The two groups began mutual exchanges, but their historical backgrounds and cultural disparities were too much to bridge. Most importantly of all, the Immigrant Fleet was in possession of the Zohar. This led to a history of wars and truces that has repeated itself countless times.

In the story, the Immigrant Fleet is mostly perceived as identical to Ormus, but this is not always true. The influence of Ormus doctrine has been diluted amongst some Immigrant Fleet splinter groups, and many have begun their own form of self-rule. These groups have advanced a policy of reconciliation with the Federation, and they would later join the Federation organization. It would appear that the Immigrant Fleet does not consist entirely of pious worshipers swearing allegiance to Ormus.


An illegal anti-U.M.N. organization that operated from a base on planet Abraxas. Its name is short for “Veritas Liberabit Vos,” which directly translates as “The Truth Shall Set You Free”.

The name is thought to have been intended as a jab at the human race, which had lost sigh of the truth after placing excessive amounts of faith in too much technology, starting with the U.M.N. Along with Melisse Ortus, the group would later become central to the formation of Scientia, an anti-U.M.N. group spanning the entire Galaxy Federation.

Vector Industries

The largest corporate entity in the Federation, involved with the production and distribution of nearly every item related to culture and civilization, from food and pharmaceuticals to software, hardware, and even weapons and communications. It is divided into many departments, with the First R&D Division, Second R&D Division, and Third R&D Division forming its core.

Wilhelm is the company’s Chief Executive Officer; its base is the Dämmerung, a free-orbiting colony whose length extends 1000 kilometers{~621.4 miles}.

It has total control over communication and military affairs, from U.M.N. construction and Realian development to the production of A.G.W.S.s and KOS-MOS. Wilhelm, its CEO, used to work as Executive Committee Director, giving him a major clout with both the Federation government and the governments of the assorted autonomous states.

Vector’s long history can be traced all the way back to the ancient age of Lost Jerusalem. The excavation of the Zohar in Lake Turkana was carried out under Vector sponsorship, and Vector also handled the later analysis of the Original Zohar. The name Wilhelm is listed as the company’s leader from that time, but it is unclear what connection this person may have with the current CEO.

Special Technology Advancement

Vector’s Special Technology Advancement Division, managed in partnership with the government. It researched the structure of a space-wide network and developed the foundations of the U.M.N. After handing over U.M.N. Administration and management to the Federation government, it was supposedly eliminated, with U.M.N. support delegated to other departments.

However, during Gnosis terrorism, there was evidence that someone had been acting in the name of the department had carried out administration in S-Division, where Grimoire was hiding, and deliberately intervened to help Grimoire.

Actually, someone is even now administrating parts of S-Division, an ac with the tacit approval of Vector’s top officials.

Vector First R&D Division

The department devoted to the research and development of many types of software, from KOS-MOS (a project headed by Shion’s group) to the IT software that is KOS-MOS’s control program. Commonly referred to as First Division.

Originally, it was involved with U.M.N. Administration as a joint government-private sector business; the Structure Law devised by Carnegie, its supervisor at the time, led to the further growth of the U.M.N.

Since the U.M.N. administration business was transferred to the government, its primary tasks have become the development of industrial-use super-AIs, computer chips, and the software that comes with them.

Vector Second R&D Division

The department devoted to the development and production of ships and A.G.W.S.s for the Federation Fleet. Commonly referred to as Second Division.

It also handles the job of taking weaponry in the testing phase from the Tactical Sim Lab and fitting them onto experimental units and ships.

After arriving at Second Miltia, Shion had KOS-MOS transferred to Second Division in order to apply her Tertiary Weapons System, which has already been in development for a long time.

Vector Third R&D Division

The department devoted to the development, production, education, and sale of Realians. Commonly referred to as Third Division.

Even after being sold, Realians are obligated to visit on a regular basis for counseling and maintenance.


The general term for religious order that unites the Immigrant Fleet. It has an organizational structure resembling the Vatican of the Middle Ages.

It was established long ago, during the Lost Jerusalem era, and already existed as a group by approximately A.D. 40. Its main goal was to protect the sacred relics and the words of God that had been left by the Messiah; it holds different doctrines, taken from the world religions that would later break off from it, and carries out its own set of sacraments.

Kukai Foundation

A special foundation organized 13 years ago, with the Second Miltian autonomous state leading the effort. Based on a giant non-orbital colony, most of its membership is composed of victims of the Life Recycling Law. Its Representative Trustees are Gaignun Kukai an Gaignun {Kukai} Jr.

It was established after the Miltian Conflict with the goal of putting down the U-TIC Organization, with the Second Miltia government leading in its creation. Afterwards, it was disarmed and made into a foundation, receiving a huge capital injection from Vector in the process.

Its achievements in rescuing Life Recycling Law victims and offering them livelihoods were recognized, and soon the Foundation had earned itself a positive reputation in society. Ever since a part of it was commercialized, its main business has been in the entertainment and travel industries, but it has a hidden face—amongst other things, it accepted a request from the Second Miltia government and Contract Subcommittee to recover and manage the Zohar emulators.

Public Safety Commission

A subgroup of the Federation Parliament. It is organized under a council system, borrowed from similar groups that existed during the lost Jerusalem era, in order to democratically maintain police administrations.

While also functioning as a superior body of the regional police forces established in every planetary nation, its main duties include investigating crimes that impact the entire galaxy, conducting autonomous Galaxy Federation probes, training investigators, and all other police work that requires unified execution across the entire galaxy.

As a rule, it does not directly command or oversee police activity, but instead governs police administrations through the Federation Police organization. The C.P.C. Would later split off from the Public Safety Commission, in order to intensify the investigation of the U.M.N.-related crimes.


An artificial placenta facility in the Draper section of planet Abraxas. Short for “Jacob Medical Imprinting.”

The facility was shut down when the Life Recycling Law was abolished following the slaughter of a huge number of fetuses by Voyager. All information that had been gathered by the facility was confiscated by the Yuriev Institute and is said to have later formed the cornerstone of raising the URTVs.

Autonomous State

Every star system has an autonomous state government, each with its own administration and legislature based on the Federation central government. These tens of thousands of autonomous states come together to form the Galaxy Federation.


An underground organization formed by a person named Melisse Ortus in T.C. 4669 as a coalition of the anti-U.M.N. groups that had been established across the galaxy.

Even as an underground group, its scope is large; it uses proprietary network technology located throughout the Galaxy Federation to interact with the U.M.N. and to search for the truth behind it and Vector.

Galaxy Federation

A gigantic federal state, established by mankind upon leaving Earth, composed of approximately 500,000 autonomous state star systems. Its capital planet is Fifth Jerusalem.

It is formed of about 500,000 planetary nations. The presence of the U.M.N., which made possible huge reductions in physical and temporal constraints compared to earlier modes of transport and communication, was an enormous influence in the formation of such a large-scale, far-reaching federation.

The Executive Committee is its highest decision-making body.

Contact Subcommittee

A research committee established by the Federation government in T.C. 4754 to respond to the Gnosis phenomenon.

Seven expert members, including Representative Juli Mizrahi, serve as the group’s central core. Together with the other committee members, the so called “subcommittee” numbers over 2000 people.

The implementation of the Zohar Project, the recovery of the Original Zohar, and the analysis of the Y-Data were all advanced by the Contact Subcommittee, which was at the center of each project.

Once Dmitri Yuriev returned to the Federation Parliament, implementation work on the Zohar Project was transferred to the military, and the Subcommittee participated in the project as a supporting player.

Tactical Sim Lab

A department within Vector, its role is to conduct tactical-level operational tests and assessment examinations on the arms and weaponry that have been developed. Its official title is the Vector Tactical Simulations Laboratory.

Its mission is not only to test, but, depending on the situation, also to conduct research and development into new technology. Within Vector, it is classified as a regular development section.

117th Marine Division

The Federation Marine division with which the Woglinde was affiliated as it set off to investigate the disappearance of planet Ariadne.

Marine headquarters are on planet Tessedora, located in the most remote region of space from the Galaxy Federation’s capital planet. As a result, the deployment of anti-Gnosis 100-Series Observational Units was delayed, and the Woglinde was made to meet a disastrous end.

Marine headquarters are far removed from the Federation’s strategic zone, making it difficult for the Federation to execute proper oversight. The 117th Marine Division had been infiltrated by many people from the U-TIC Organization.

1875th Special Ops Command

The unit in the Federation Police whose mission was to track down and arrest U.M.N. terrorist Voyager. The Abraxas Detachment was a strike force sent to neutralize Voyager.

The Federation Police organization, existing as a sub-group of the Federation Public Safety Commission, is composed of the Administrative Director’s Office (Section 1), the General Safety Section (Section 2), the First Security Section (Section 3), the Traffic Control Section (Section 4), the Second Security Station (Section 5), and the Information and Communications Section (Section 6), along with other affiliated organizations and regional police forces. Special Ops Command Headquarters belongs to Section 6; it is said that the total number of special ops commands across the galaxy numbers into the thousands.

34th Special Transport Troop

A special transport force affiliated with the U-TIC Organization. As it was transporting combat Realians into Labyrinthos, it fell under attack by a Federation drop unit and was destroyed.

The combat Realians that this force has been transporting had been recalibrated on Proto Merkabah to go out of control. The U-TIC Organization used these Realians to set off the Miltian Conflict.


The C.P.C., or the Communication Promotion Committee, is a subgroup of the Federation Parliament. Dedicated to the administration and the promotion of the U.M.N. and the communications industry.

Originally, it was part of the Public Safety Commission. However, Dmitri Yuriev, who would later serve as the new committee’s Representative, proposed that it be split off.

Yuriev used his authority to form a fictitious Descendants of Nestorius terrorist group and to place assorted pressures on forces with the Federation Parliament that opposed his power. The Communication Promotion Committee also held close connections with the Federation Police Information and Communications Section; the verbal clout wielded by its Representative had a major influence on the structure of the police themselves. This fact was likely aided by the committee’s history as a splinter group from the Public Safety Commission.


A company that developed its business around the production and sale of synthetic animals, the Nexus Series.

The bodily structure of a synthetic animal is largely composed of the same material as a Realian, a synthetic human. However, Nexus does not produce any humanoid Realians.

As loss-of-control accidents and human-rights issues piled up around humanoid Realians after the Miltian Conflict, the production and sale of synthetic animals and expansion of the pet industry became a far lower-risk approach to stable profits.

What’s more, since a sharp decline in fertility has led to purebred animals being bought and sold at high prices, the family-friendly price structure of Nexus’s synthetic animals is now part of the reason that the series has been continually popular for several centuries.


A gigantic conglomerate that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Vector. Originally a corporate entity affiliated with the Immigrant Fleet, it changed its name to “Hyams Heavy Industries” after being admitted to the Federation.

Its Representative is Heinlein, a man with a seat as an Ormus Cardinal.

Anti-Patriarch Faction

A term used to refer to people who took negative opinion of the policies of Julius XVIII.

In the latter half of the T.C. 4600S, Immigrant Fleet Patriarch Julius XVIII proposed that planet Abraxas, which was in possession of the Zohar, should be split with the Galaxy Federation and governed by both entities. However, at the time, the Immigrant Fleet and Galaxy Federation were waging a continued internal power struggle over the Zohar, and not many agreed with Patriarch Julius’s decision to press forward with his policy of appeasement.

Zohar Project

A major anti-Gnosis project implemented by the Galaxy Federation government and affiliated organizations.

It originally began with research into using the Original Zohar as an emergency energy generator, but the project’s coverage was partially altered in order to deal with the Gnosis phenomenon and its rapidly accelerating expansion. Currently, the Contact Subcommittee is playing the central role in its implementation.

As the name implies, the Original Zohar is at the center of the project; salvaging it has become urgent business.

The 100-Series system, the KOS-MOS Project, and the U-DO system that the U-TIC Organization has been research are all part of the achievements of the Zohar Project.

Once Dmitri Yuriev’s survival had been confirmed after the space-time anomaly in Miltian space, he took command of the project and pressed Salvator-faction Representatives to transfer project leadership from the Contact Subcommittee to the military. The content of the project soon took a strikingly different direction, leading to the development of Merkabah, Omega Res Novae, and the “T-Weapon.”

U-TIC Organization

Official name: The Unknown Territory Interventing and Creation Organization***. Its previous incarnation, the Cerebral Sciences Research Center, was founded by Joachim Mizrahi; it was Joachim who proposed it be restructured into the U-TIC Organization.

After becoming the U-TIC Organization, the group continued its research into using the Original Zohar as an energy generator and weapon, as well as performed the development of 100-Series Observational Units, the Hilbert Effect, and combat Realians.

Aiming to rule the galaxy through command of the Zohar, the group then rebelled against the Federation government and set off the Miltian Conflict. However, Labyrinthos was overrun by the Galaxy Federation descent operations, and the organization’s mastermind, Joachim Mizrahi, fell to his death.

After the Miltian Conflict, it vanished from the center stage of history, but the group itself survived, setting up base on the planetoid Pleroma. Gathering information and building up its military power in secret, it leapt back onto center stage in order to obtain the Y-Data that had been sealed with the 100-Series Observational Unit prototype, MOMO.

Ostensibly, the organization was founded by Joachim Mizrahi, but in truth, everything was under the direction of the Ormus Patriarch.

As it was restructured into the U-TIC Organization, the group expelled nearly all Federation government officials and researchers, who had been stationed there as inspectors for the Cerebral Sciences Research Center. It cemented its internal staff with members of Ormus and the Old Miltia hierocracy; Hyams (a business affiliated with Ormus) joined the group, taking Vector’s place in weapons development and sponsorship.

At that time, even Federation Colonel Margulis, U-TIC’s supreme commander, was already a member of Ormus. From this, one can see that a sizable number of Ormus members had been embedded within the Federation’s government and military.

{***Interventing isn’t actually a word, from what I understand, but it’s both on the U-TIC image/logo and the database, so… I’m not sure if they meant Intervening or Intervention, either.}

474th Spec Ops Fleet

A fleet under the command of the U-TIC Organization’s Margulis that primarily takes on special missions. It is made up of several Spec Ops ships and vessels.

The fleet was mobilized to retrieve the Zohar emulators stored on the Woglinde, but failed to arrive before the emulators had been taken by the Gnosis.

However, the fleet was placed on standby in the area on the orders of Margulis, who had surmised that the Kukai Foundation would move to investigate the destroyed Woglinde. It would later engage the Durandal there.

Margulis did not issues a standby order to the 474th Spec Ops Fleet in order to have the defeat the Durandal. He called for the standby to create a situation wherin the Durandal would engage “something” in that region—an engagement he could then record.

The U-TIC Organization would later fabricate an image of the Durandal and the destroyed Woglinde, throwing the Kukai Foundation and the Miltian autonomous government into its trap. The 474th Spec Ops Fleet took some damage during its engagement with the Durandal, but still successfully completed its mission.