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Nursing Plant Incident

Mass-murdering incident at the government VIP Nursing Plant.

Mass-murder incident at the government VIP Nursing Plant in Draper on planet Abraxas in T.C. 4667. Based on conditions at the crime scene, it was assumed to be the work of Voyager.

While it is unknown why Voyager massacred so many infants, post-crime reports stated that large quantities of specific information was reported “lost” from the brains of the deceased children.

Space-Time Anomaly

Phenomenon in which real space and imaginary space come into contact and warp.

Phenomenon in which the border between real space and its opposite, imaginary space, blurs, and the composition of space itself warps.

Brought about by events such as a Zohar going out of control. The destruction of Miltia, Ariadne and Lost Jerusalem were all the result of space-time anomalies. These anomalies can be confirmed by EPR radar.

Gnosis Terrorism

Popular name for the Gnosis attacks brought about by Grimoire Verum.

Popular name given for the Gnosis attacks that were brought about half a year ago. Along with several accomplices, the ringleader, a man named Grimoire Verum, manipulated the Gnosis and attacked the capital cities of several planets.

According to reports from the Contact Subcommittee, which was responsible for the investigation, Grimoire and his accomplices all died within the U.M.N. Their goals and the methods by which they controlled the Gnosis are still unknown, pending further investigation.

Furthermore, Shion and Jin were involved in this incident; after its resolution, the KOS-MOS Project was halted and Shion decided to leave Vector.

Ambassador Lock-Up Incident

The massacre of the Goodwill Ambassadors in virtual space.

The incident in T.C. 4667 in which the Galaxy Federation Goodwill Ambassadors were killed by Voyager within a virtual space constructed within the U.M.N.

The selection of the Goodwill Ambassadors, as well as the preparation of the venue for the amnesty summit, had been performed by Donald Marquand, Special Representative to the planet Abraxas Archon Zone.

The amnesty summit was intended to diminish the consciously-maintained distance between the Immigrant Fleet and the Galaxy Federation before the Pilgrimage Meeting, where a divide-and-rule system for Abraxas would be decided on; however, the incident became the grounds for a further worsening of their relationship.

Furthermore, according to records, all of the children who had been selected as Goodwill Ambassadors had been born on Abraxas.

Zoar Incident

The incident which led to the Miltian Conflict.

The unannounced attack on a Galaxy Federation planet in Miltian space by non-Federation planet Zoar is taken to have been the starting point of the incident.

However, as surrounding planets were taken into the space-time anomaly after the Miltian Conflict, the truth of the matter is still unknown.

One theory is that theradical faction of the former republic of Miltia rejected the idea of joining the Federation, instead joining forces with their former-Immigrant Fleet brethren living on Zoar and taking military action. Another theory states that the Federation Salvators, pretending to be the radical faction, invaded neighboring areas in the name of preserving the peace—but actually hoping to place all of Miltian space under their control.

Plan 31

The order given to the U-TIC Organization’s 474th Spec Ops Fleet.

The order the U-TIC Organization gave the 474th Spec Ops Fleet after they failed to secure the Zohar Emulator aboard the Woglinde.

The U-TIC Organization predicted that, in order to retrieve the Zohar emulators, the Durandal would appear at the coordinates where the Woglinde had gone down from a Gnosis attack.

Composite video footage of the Durandal returning fire upon the 474th Spec Ops Fleet after its ambush, made to look like the Durandal had been responsible for sinking the Federation ship Woglinde, was leaked throughout space.

The Kukai Foundation, and by extension the {Second} Miltian autonomous government, caught in the trap, were surrounded by the Federation fleet, and those related to the incident were put under arrest.

Plan 401

The order given to control the Federation forces that had been infiltrated by U-TIC Organization operatives.

The name of the plan enacted in conjunction with Plan 31, employed by the U-TIC Organization in order to strip the Second Miltian autonomous government of their vested rights. It entails the use of not the U-TIC Organization’s own fleet, but of Federation forces manipulated through the government.

By disseminating throughout space, composite video footage apparently showing the Durandal attacking the Woglinde, the Kukai Foundation, and by extension the Second Miltian government, were framed for treason, resulting in the mobilization of the Gedalya Region 422nd Fleet.

Later, through operatives within the Federation, the U-TIC Organization proposed stripping the Second Miltian autonomous government of its vested rights, attempting once again to get their hands on MOMO, the key to the Y-Data.

It is apparent that Margulis, who directed the operation, considered temporarily giving up MOMO to be a part of his predicted scenario.

Miltian Conflict

The final conflict of the Zoar Incident.

The final conflict of the Zoar Incident, in wich a fierce battle between the Federation government and the U-TIC Organization unfolded upon Shion’s homeland of Miltia.

The Federation government’s military initiated its third descent operation, this time including the URTV special forces.

According to records, U-TIC Organization founder Joachim Mizrahi caused the Zohar to go out of control, producing a space-time anomaly.

Link Experiment

Connection experiments related to the Zohar emulators.

Connection experiments related to the Zohar emulators, carried out by the U-TIC Organization at their facility on planet Ariadne. At that time, Andrew held the reins of the operation.

It can be deduced that the experiments revolved around linking the Zohar emulators to another existence; from use of the word “connection,” it is likely that other existence was U-DO.

However, these experiments ended in failure, with the disappearance of planet Ariadne in a space-time anomaly and its subsequent transformation into a Gnosis Cathedral Ship.

Disappearance of Planet Ariadne

Planetary disappearance incident resulting from the Zohar emulators going out of control.