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Aoi Uzuki

Shion’s mother. Originally from the Basilis system, which, despite its proximity to the Federation capital, is largely populated by people from the Immigrant Fleet. Aoi is thought to possess a trait common amongst the People of Zohar of Abraxas—a compatibility with U-DO—latently within her.

As a result of this latent characteristic, Aoi became the subject of U-DO observation and ultimately slipped into a coma due to the resulting stress.

Allen Ridgeley

Former Vice Chief of Vector Industries First R&D Division’s KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation Systems Development.

Joined Vector’s First R&D Division in T.C. 4764 after graduating from the University of Bormeo. While two years older than former Chief Shion Uzuki, he is one year her junior at Vector.

Acting as Vice-Chief for the duration of Shion’s time at Vector, he continually supported Shion and garnered her trust and that of his subordinates with his diligent work ethic. The terms “simple” and “honest” describe this affable young man perfectly.

He was appointed R&D Chief after Shion’s departure from Vector and was sent to the Galaxy Federation Consolidated Advanced Technology Testing Ground on Fifth Jerusalem.

He cares for Shion, but due to past events concerning Shion and her former love Kevin Winnicot and his own personal insecurities regarding Kevin, he does not often express his thoughts and emotions.

His family appears to be quite wealthy, but he prefers to avoid relying on them. His hobby is fishing.

He matures, albeit gradually, through the time he spends with Shion and the others, ultimately showing his manhood by excoriating Kevin for using Shion and KOS-MOS, and brushing away the last doubts in Shion’s heart.

Although the distance between his and Shion’s hearts has drawn noticeably closer since the incident on Michtam, his true worth as a man will be measured from hereon, in how he grows closer still.

Andrew Cherenkov

His official rank is Galaxy Federation Naval Commander. He was positioned aboard the cruiser Woglinde as vice-captain in order to investigate the disappearance of planet Ariadne. His true identity, however, is as a worker for he U-TIC Organization—Ormus.

Created as a tool of war by the Life Recycling Law a year after the outbreak of the {Zoar} Incident, he was unable to find meaning in his life even on the battlefield.

Unable to reintegrate into society after war’s end, he became isolated and eventually began committing heinous crimes. After rejecting his third personality reconditioning treatment, his feelings of betrayal drove him to murder his wife, daughter, and countless others, and he was always haunted by specters of the dead.

However, upon joining the U-TIC Organization after bing scouted by Margulis, he manged a startling transformation. He successfully completed any mission given to him by Margulis, be it attacking Vector’s research facility on planet Carioca in order to steal KOS-MOS, or directing the string of experiments which caused the disappearance of planet Ariadne.

Following the Gnosis attack upon the cruiser Woglinde, he joined Shion and the others as a spy for the U-TIC Organization, until the point when he mutated into a giant Gnosis within the Cathedral Ship and attacked Shion.

In his final moments, he was ultimately able to reflect upon himself and the world that had rejected him as his life drew to an end.


Founder and CEO of the interplanetary conglomerate Vector Industries. Having created the U.M.N., a giant network unifying all of space, and built facilities for hyperspace navigation, the company has become the de facto nucleus of all civilization, with a firm grasp of all the latest technology.

Once the Galaxy Federation Executive Committee Director, his origins and personal history are shrouded in mystery. Furthermore, in addition to his official role, he commands the secret order of cloaked figures known as Testaments, attempting to meddle with the destinies of Shion, KOS-MOS, and the others.

The only ones to understand Wilhelm’s fixation with Shion and KOS-MOS—his purpose and motivation—are the Testaments, and even they may not truly understand his plans.

Supposedly, his office is constantly filled with the music of Wagner.

Calling chaos Yeshua and reading the movements of the Compass of Order and Chaos, he plots to change the very shape of the world. In trying to bend the movement of the God-ordained compass towards his own desired conclusion, he makes himself a traitor unto God.

What he is attempting to accomplish can be inferred from the words he once spoke to Kevin as a boy: eternal recurrence. Millennia ago, when the will of humanity resonated with chaos’ power of Anima—the failsafe of the universe—the universe’s destruction was ordained.

Wilhelm chose eternal recurrence through Zarathustra as a means of averting that destruction—rewinding time to the past and living in an eternal cycle.

Vector, Ormus, the Testaments, and finally KOS-MOS and Shion—he waited until the moment that all the necessary factors were lined up.

It is unsure whether the current cycle is the tenth recurrence, or even the hundredth, but the distortions created by the repetition gradually changed people’s consciousness. Ultimately, mankind rejected his power, choosing to progress to the future by their own will.

While his methods differed from Shion’s, Wilhelm undoubtedly sought to save the world just the same. Or perhaps what he truly wanted was a revolution in mankind’s consciousness, bought about by the cyclical recurrence of time.


A follower of Wilhelm. He appears before Shion and the others several times as a Testament.

Before becoming a Testament, he was a Federation Police Inspector named Erich Weber. Erich, formerly a U.M.N. Net addict, was struck with fear of the end that U-DO would bring;ultimately, this contact brought about in him an unslakable thirst for power.

Assuming the name Voyager, he derived pleasure from assimilating the consciousness of other people into his network and controlling them, hoping to eventually ascend to a level of being equal to U-DO. Once he realized his wish would never be fulfilled while he remained bound by his human shell, he choose to cast aside his physical body and became a Testament.

Throughout his fight with Ziggy, he takes joy in exploiting the emotions of Ziggy’s heart.


Ormus Patriarch Sergius XVII’s personal battle cyborg.

Originally a specialized cyborg used in U.M.N. Transfer experiments, an accident during an experiment led to dissociative identity disorder, yielding split personalities. After subsequent adjustments, she became a battle cyborg in the Patriarch’s personal guard, a role well suited to her aggressive personality.

Usually the owner of a calm and obedient personality, her aggressive personality is forced awake upon entering battle, where she becomes a berserker.

Testament [Blue]

A blue-cloaked follower of Wilhelm. He appears before Shion and the others several times as a Testament. Luis Virgil’s Testament form.

See Luis Virgil.

Testament [Red]

A red-cloaked follower of Wilhelm. He constantly monitors Shion and KOS-MOS as a Testament, under Wilhelm’s direct orders.

Kevin Winnicot’s Testament form. See Kevin Winnicot.

Testament [Black]

A black-cloaked follower of Wilhelm. He appears before Shion and the others several times as a Testament. Ziggy called him Voyager, suggesting that the two shared some connection in the past. Voyager’s Testament form.

See Voyager.

Testament [White]

A white-cloaked follower of Wilhelm.

He was made a Testament by Wilhelm after the space-time anomaly in Miltian space.

The details surrounding this are unknown.

Albedo Piazzolla’s Testament form. See Albedo Piazzolla.

Gaignun Kukai

Representative Trustee of the Galaxy Federation Miltian Autonomous State’s special foundation, the Kukai Foundation. Like Jr., he is a survivor of the URTV (U-DO Retro Virus) force that was created to combat U-DO.

Named for the alchemical process of blackening as put forth in C.G. Jung’s “Psychology and Alchemy.” URTV Unit Number 669, a variant possessing the name Nigredo (pitch black).

Presently hiding his identity as a URTV, he fills the role of Representative Trustee for the Kukai Foundation, along with Jr.

Black-haired, with dark green eyes. Calm in personality, he shoulders the trust and expectations of the Foundation members and holds powerful political influence. He was lauded for his defense and unification of victims prior to the enactment of the Species Preservation Act.

He possesses the power to control the thoughts of others and the power of hypnotic suggestion (interference with a person’s consciousness), using his voice as a medium.

If Jr. Is the practical force behind the Kukai foundation’s activities, it can be said that Gaignun is political force. It is through the combined efforts of them both at the Kukai Foundation’s continued existence made possible; without either, it would fail.

Taken in by Helmer after the Miltian Conflict, Gaignun inherited the name of Zoze Kukai upon establishment of the Foundation. Incidentally, “Zoze Kukai” is the name of a fictitious industrialist invented by the Second Miltian government in order to pool special activities capital.

Unlike the other URTVs, Gaignun was not programmed to react to DO waveforms. His true role was to act as a failsafe in the event that a powerful variant wen berserk—specifically, the elimination of Jr.

Furthermore, Dmitri Yuriev planned to extend his own life by transplanting his psyche into Gaignun, due to Gaignun’s special powers. After his body was taken over b Dmitri, Gaignun was forced to work towards Dmitri’s goals, regardless of his own will.

This ultimately brought about the military occupation of the Durandal and the awakening of Abel’s Ark.

Although Gaignun was asleep in the far reaches of Dmitri’s consciousness, he was well aware of Albedo’s true desire to be rid of both Gaignun and Dmitri, and made it a reality by forcing Albedo’s consciousness into Jr.’s body, so e could annihilate himself along with Dmitri.


One of the transgenic type Realians manufactured by Joachim Mizrahi. Addressed by the nickname Cathe.

Manufactured by order of Sergius XVII according to concrete data taken from Febronia that was tuned and used as the core of a system to control U-DO. Febronia refers to her as her little sister, but Realians possess neither blood relatives nor the concept of parents or siblings; strictly speaking, she is actually Febronia’s clone.

Febronia asks Shion to release their consciousness from the dual bonds of humanity and U-DO. She hopes for the release of all Realian consciousness.


A special enhanced memory model Realian on loan from Vector to Second Miltia.

He possesses hand-to-hand battle capabilities superior to those of combat Realians; in this case, however, those abilities are better suited for use as an E.S. Pilot, rather than in battle.

Canaan was installed with Program Canaan and the recording component (“personality”) used was that of Lactis, a subordinate of Ziggy during his time as a Federation Police officer.

From the fact that Canaan’s memories of the Federation Police returned even after the recording component had been reformatted, it was deduced that t he memories and consciousness of Realians exist, like humans’, within the realm of the collective unconscious.

The special characteristics of Program Canaan allowed him to secure a bypass route to Wilhelm’s power. Canaan, cleverly using Voyager’s desires, connected Voyager’s consciousness with that power, causing Voyager to overflow, and destroying him along with Canaan’s own body.


Nickname for Catherine, younger sister of Febronia. A transgenic type Realian.

See Catherine.


The highest authority in the Ormus religious society, and sovereign of the Immigrant Fleet. His name is Sergius XVII.

Those who hold the position of Patriarch within Ormus—the core of the Immigrant Fleet—are the protectors of the Zohar; they usually possess the ability to link with the Zohar and draw out a portion of its power. While this can be said of all the “people of the Zohar” who protected the Zohar during the evacuation of {Earth}, due to the thinning of the bloodline over the ages, very few people retain this ability, even within Ormus.

He planned to monopolize control of the Original Zohar sleeping within Old Miltia in the hopes of solidifying the Immigrant Fleet’s superiority over the Galaxy Federation. This was likely the result of both the historical background of the Federation’s oppression and exploitation of the Immigrant Fleet as a minority, and the connection held by Sergius XIV with the Federation’s Salvators.

Sergius controlled the military of the Old Miltian Hierocracy, which was largely comprised of Fleet Immigrants. He moved the Mizrahi Cerebral Sciences Research Center, a division of the Federation’s Zohar Research Organization, from planet Michtam to Old Miltia, renaming it to the U-TIC Organization and placing it under Professor Mizrahi’s administration. Top-secret anti-Federation plans ere developed behind the scenes there. Wilhelm’s actions as Ministry Cabinet Chair lay behind the fact that the Federation cast a blind eye upon the establishment of the U-TIC Organization.

He activated Proto Omega on Old Miltia, but it was destroyed by a Testament.


The general term for observational Realians constructed by Professor Joachim Mizrahi in order to collect data to use for MOMO’s development. “Kirschwasser” is also the term for cherry brandy.

Broadly interpreted, both MOMO and the Kirschwassers are Realians which Professor Mizrahi built for the sake of his daughter Sakura; the circumstances surrounding their construction, however, are visibly quite different.

MOMO is the entity closest to Sakura and was born complete. The Kirschwassers, on the other hand, were merely tools of the experiment, made so that MOMO could be completed, and then to be disposed of. To the Kirschwassers, MOMO is the subject of both admiration and envy.

That is not necessarily to say that many of the Kirschwassers that traveled with Albedo felt jealous of MOMO.

The reason the Kirschwassers never left Albedo’s side, no matter how harshly he treated them, was because of a strong resonance with the close, yet untouchable, existence in Albedo’s life, and the feelings similar to unconditional love that it inspired.

Klaus Torres

The only son of Irene Torres, President of the Torres Foundation, which primarily deals with the Immigrant Fleet and the spaceport industry on planet Abraxas.

Brainjacked by Voyager while at a summit held to bring the Immigrant Fleet and Galaxy Federation together, he committed suicide within virtual space.

Grimoire Verum

The former Chief of Vector’s Zohar Research Department. He was the one responsible for causing the Zohar to go berserk thousands of years ago, destroying Lost Jerusalem; six months ago, he brought about the Gnosis terrorism.

He went into hiding within the U.M.N., sending Gnosis under his control to attack the capital cities of various planets, and ultimately died within the U.M.N.

Though his crimes are officially listed as the work of an individual, he was in Vector’s custody prior to their occurrence. Furthermore, the fact that Grimoire summoned and controlled Gnosis in an area under special Vector control, the S-Division, motivated Shion Uzuki to think that Vector and theU.M.N might be connected with the Gnosis phenomenon, and to begin her investigation along with Scientia.

Although many details behind the Gnosis terrorism were lost with Grimoire’s death, such as his motive and goal, one source suggests that he likely shared a deep connection with the girl known as Nephilim, and that the Gnosis terrorism was part of a search for her.

Vector has denied any and all connection to Grimoire or the Gnosis terrorism, and to this day refuses to comment on the events.


A slight boy with an expression perpetually brimming with sorrow and a farsighted and philosophical manner of speech. Distinguished by his transparent eyes and silver hair.

He is the human incarnation of Anima, power derived from the collective unconscious and present since the beginning of the universe in this dimension. His powers act a a failsafe for all of dimensional space.

As the release of is powers would mean the destruction of dimensional space, his powers were divided p into parts by his antithesis, Mary Magdalene (Animus) in the distant past.

chaos regained his former powers through KOS-MOS’s awakening, and left the possibility of a future in the hands of Abel—U-DO that chose to remain in his lower dimension. chaos unleashed the power of Anima, performing a dimensional shift with Nephilim, the recipient of Mary’s power, leading the consciousness of mankind to Lost Jerusalem.

He still exists as the universe’s failsafe. Because of this fate ordained by God—or perhaps because people struggling against their own fates desire his existence—his future form still lies within the chaotic darkness. But chaos continued to {believe. The} future will be born illuminated by the radiance of consciousness.


An early-type Realian installed with Program Canaan.

Confidante of Wilhelm and an active server for the data collected by Realians installed with Program Canaan stationed throughout the galaxy.

Kevin Winnicot

Central figure to the KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation. Shion’s superior and lover.

A man with great brilliance with a bright future ahead of him, until he was killed protecting Shion during an accident in which the Archetype went out of control during an activation test. After his death, Shion continued his work, taking the development of KOS-MOS into her own hands.

Though generally a gentle young man who inspired trust in his subordinates, his expression was occasionally darkly clouded.

A native of Michtam, he escaped by the hand of his fatally injured mother when the plane was destroyed as a result of the Zohar going out of control.

Several years later, while at the C.S.R.C{.} during university, Kevin transferred along with Joachim to the U-TIC Organization, where he completed initial planning of KOS-MOS on his own.

After the Miltian Conflict, he took the fundamental theory behind KOS-MOS and joined Vector.

The surname Winnicot is from the foster parents who took him in after his escape from Michtam; it is unknown whether Kevin is his true given name or not. Regardless, it remains true that as a native of Michtam—inheritor of the blood of Abraxas, his lineage is steeped in deep connection to the Zohar.

Kevin Winnicot [Child]

T.C. 4747. Following the destruction of planet Michtam, a resource recovery ship rescued a young boy assumed to have escaped in a pod. Upon hearing of a survivor, the Federal Accident Investigation Committee attempted to question him regarding the details of the accident, but the boy was unable to recount much, due to the shock of the tragedy, and the Committee’s efforts ended in naught.

Eventually placed in an orphanage, he was quickly accepted by foster parents, thanks to his keen intelligence. The surname Winnicot was taken from these parents; he refused to mention anything except for the name Kevin, and his original surname is unknown.

Reports from the orphanage confirm that he carried a pendant thought to be a memento of his mother. His foster parents died in the ensuing Miltian Conflict, in which Realians across the galaxy went berserk.

Kevin’s Mother

A woman who lived on planet Michtam—Abraxas. Kevin’s mother and inheritor of the bloodline of the people of Zohar. She became a Gnosis at the time of Michtam’s destruction.

The pendant passed on from Kevin to Shion was originally a possession of his mother, its composition the same as that of Michtam’s underground ruins – Zarathustra, which leas one to believe that either she or her husband were not only descendants of the people of Zohar, but in addition had a deep connection with the ruins.

KOS-MOS [Archetype]

In Jungian psychology, the archetype is the portion of the mind which passed on hereditarily. It is said to be the model upon which the unconscious, instinctive workings of the mind are structured.

The archetype was designed and constructed for the purpose of monitoring Shion. All of its functionality was contained within the core unit, which was later recovered and installed in KOS-MOS.

Kevin, needing to die in front of Shion’s eyes, had secretly installed a program into the archetype causing it to go out of control. The program was later engaged via the startup key which Kevin had given to {Andrew}.

KOS-MOS [Test Type]

The frame put together by Shion and the others after transplanting the core module of the partially-destroyed Archetype into a spare frame. Christened KOS-MOS Version 1.

Partially in order to shake off memories of the incident when the Archetype went out of control, the exterior of this model’s design was much closer to that of a human body. Several monitoring sensors were installed inside the body to record real-world data.

KOS-MOS [Combat Frame]

The frame created by the Second R&D Division on Second Miltia during the KOS-MOS OS tests. Vector staff refer to it as Version 2.

In order to shield her internal organs from shocks delivered to the outer body during combat, her body was filled with fluorescent blue anti-G gel. The Hilbert emission device, which had taken the form of a visor in Version 1, was miniaturized and installed into her forehead. Her body was designed with the implementation of the Tertiary Weapons system in mind; its resilience was increased dramatically.


A female-shaped battle android developed by the interplanetary conglomerate Vector Industries. A being created entirely from mechanical parts, exceptionally rare in this era of advanced Realian technology.

Prioritizing the three fundamentals of logic, efficiency and duty, she protects he creator Shion unconditionally. She is equipped with an “Artificial Personality OS” in hopes of facilitating smooth communication with others, and her tone is that of an android subservient to humans. As she is actually just prioritizing logic and efficiency, however, she can often be difficult to handle.

KOS-MOS is the term applied to the entire anti-Gnosis combat system; it stands for “Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems.”

Why were KOS-MOS’s repairs that took place on Miltia of the past within Shion’s deep memory, a type of imaginary space, reflected on the real world? One reason is the fact that actions in one portion of the U.M.N., the deep memory—that is to say, the collective unconscious—are equivalent to those in the real world according to one definition, where the difference is strictly subjective—brought about by the observer’s recognition of it as such.

Though KOS-MOS awakened as Mary Magdalene as a result of T-elos’{s} defeat, Mary’s original memories and characteristics have undergone a transformation, lading o the creation of an entirely new personality which is both Mary and not Mary at he same time. This is fundamentally analogous to Sakura’s transformation into MOMO.

The battle is over, KO-MOS falls into an eternal sleep and drifts, like the passage of time, through the emptiness of space. A blue light penetrates her battered and faded figure. Perhaps that light will be the cause of a new awakening.

Sakura Mizrahi

The daughter of Joachim Mizrahi and Juli, upon whom MOMO was modeled.

Suffering from a congenital brain defect, she was unable to speak or communicate her feelings in the real world. While staying at the Yuriev Institute for treatment, she met Rubedo, who was in the middle of anti-U-DO training.

After showing Rubedo and Albedo a meaning to their lives beyond that of weapons fated o eventually disappear, she entrusted to them her younger sister who would later be born—a new consciousness named MOMO—and passed away.

Shelley Godwin

A mutant born through Life Recycling. Secretary to Gaignun Kukai and the Durandal’s Operator.

She administrates the workings of the ship according to Jr.’s orders. An intelligent woman with cool-headed and precise judgment. Practically a sister to Mary, who shares her origins. She is able to communicate telepathically with Mary via interlink.

Originally an illegal test subject at a pharmaceutical company, she and Mary now reside with the Kukai Foundation after being taken in by Gaignun.

Shion Uzuki

Former Chief of Vector First R&D Division’s KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation Systems Development. She entered Vector Industries’s First R&D Division in T.C. 4763 at the age of 18. Though two years younger than Allen, her accelerated pace made her one year his senior at Vector.

Following the Gnosis terrorism, she left Vector and enlisted the help of Scientia in pursuit of the truth behind that string of incidents and the hidden dangers of the U.M.N.

Only a few people know that she has a congenital, unique sense that has allowed her to see into imaginary space since early childhood—impossible, for most people. The holographic glasses she wears were a present from Kevin during her time at Vector; they serve not to correct her vision, but to control this ability.

However, as this sense of hers is not active all the time, and as she “has gotten used to it,” she removes the glasses when they present an inconvenience to her daily life.

Her consciousness has existed since the time of Lost Jerusalem as the Maiden, when she enjoyed a close relationship with Mary Magdalene. Her brief vision of the distant past was not through KOS-MOS’s memory, but through her own.

It can be deduced from KOS-MOS’s last words that Shion’s former self is dead as a result of being caught up in a larger occurrence, and that KOS-MOS (Mary) had been unable to protect her.

After discovering Allen’s feelings for her on Michtam, Shion took the first step towards her independence. Shion, for whom Kevin’s existence was so large that is had occluded Allen’s feelings for her until then, might have felt that Allen, who lived in a world entirely opposite from her own, could better provide her heart a place of respite than Kevin, who circumstances mirrored her own.

A traveler headed to Lost Jerusalem. The end of a journey spanning thousands upon thousands of years, setting out from a new dawn to rebuild the world. The intersection of countless consciousnesses, and what awaits them there…

Shion Uzuki [Child]

Shion at age eight. Prior to the Miltian Conflict, she traveled to the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility with her father Suou in order to visit her mother Aoi. This was the same time during which she met Febronia, and a period that left her with trauma that influenced her even in adulthood.

Sharon Rozas {Note XL misspelling.}

A doctor at the Federation Police Hospital. Her husband was an officer, but died in the line of duty. She lived with her young son Joaquin.

As a result of assisting with the Federation Police special investigations unit’s case regarding Voyager, she remembered that she had once been called one of the people of Zohar.

Furthermore, her heart connected with the awkward but pure Jan and she remarried in T.C.4667. However, shortly after her marriage, she was killed by the U.M.N. terrorist, Voyager.


A survivor of the URTVS—the special group of people created based on data collected from U-DO, the discarnate entity that threatened the Galaxy Federation in the past, in order to be its anti-existence. His official name is URTV unit number 666, Rubedo.

He was born from the same embryo as URTV unit number 667, Albedo.

He has the ability to activate the special anti-U-DO waveform mode Red Dragon, which causes mutual destruction upon contact with U-DO. In order to contain that dual-edged power, Jr. has half-subconsciously halted the development of his own body. However, as this mutual destruction extends only to Jr. and the observational terminal part of U-DO, from a cost-benefit perspective, his powers cannot be called a complete anti-U-DO solution.

It is difficult to think that Dmitri, having personally experienced direct contact with U-DO, would have created the URTVs without realizing this. Perhaps it is more likely that Jr. and his kind were created out of a need to accumulate data before Dmitri could ascend to an existence equivalent to U-DO.

In fact, Dmitri, who had been monitoring Albedo’s subconscious through Canaan{WTF?}, obtained the Y-Data, revived the relic of God, and proceeded to the Ark in order to become His kin.

Jr. was able to reunite with Albedo through Gaignun’s sacrifice. Although objectively his condition became that of two minds inhabiting a single body, his relationship with Albedo is like the two sides of a single being.

It is possible that their minds were originally one and he same, due to their birth as conjoined twins. Perhaps Gaignun’s actions were not simply out of self-sacrifice, but were motivated by the knowledge and desire to restore the two of them to their rightful form.

Lieutenant Commander

A member of the U-TIC Organization and subordinate to {Andrew}. He went undercover aboard the Woglinde in order to secure the Zohar. A short-tempered man, constantly barking at his subordinates, “Quit slacking!”

He boarded the Naglfar Cannon in the Sunken City of Old Miltia and stood in the way of Shion and the others. He has an estranged older brother.

Sean McCallum

Chief of the Federation Police 1875th Special Ops Command. He displays absolute obedience to orders given from above. A fundamentally stubborn man, but also thorough in his consideration for his subordinates.

Especially in regards to Jan Sauer—perhaps, because he once worked under Jan’s father, he displays a level of understanding comparable to an adoptive father.

Jin Uzuki

Former Captain of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Intelligence Bureau. Older brother of Shion.

While in the military, he was ranked directly under Margulis and was Pellegri’s superior. He and Margulis both learned swordsmanship under Jin’s grandfather, Ouga Uzuki.

After becoming aware of Margulis’s treachery during the Miltian Conflict, Jin received information from his father Suou and began his own secret-information activities under then-Lieutenant General Helmer. His relationship with chaos also began during this period.

While he shared a deep connection with Pellegri during his time in the Federation military, they never walked the same path again, due to differences in heir relative stations. It is a particular sad conclusion considering that his mother Aoi, like Pellegri, had inherited the bloodline of the Immigrant Fleet, and the same blood clearly ran through Jin.

Though his life as lost defending chaos in the Zarathustra battle, his spirit—his consciousness—travels alongside Nephilim to the distant land of Lost Jerusalem. Perhaps his consciousness, like those of countless others, lies in sleep eternal, awaiting the appointed day. Until a time when all has gathered.

Suou Uzuki

Supervisor for the Federation Special Office of Advanced Technology Department of Energy. Father of Shion and Jin.

Supervisor for the Federation government who was sent to monitor the U-TIC Organization. Despite officially being a government-established body, the large concentration of former citizens of the Immigrant Fleet amongst its staff provoked the fears of the Federation.

Though initially rigorous in his work, after Suou was contacted by Ormus, he began to issue reports to the Federation government which served the interests of Ormus—the Immigrant Fleet—in return for medical treatment for his wife, Aoi. The U-TIC Organization’s budget was expanded at Suou’s recommendation, leading to increased armament for Miltia’s former autonomous military—the principal force of the U-TIC Organization.

Increasingly stricken by feelings of guilt as a result of this arming of the U-TIC Organization and Miltia’s former government, which had long resented their incorporation into the Federation, Suou made contact with Jin, then a member of the Federation Special-Ops, and leaked secret information regarding the U-TIC Organization—Ormus.

Jin passed that information to Lieutenant General Helmer of the Special-Ops Command on planet Zavarov, and a troop drop operation onto Miltia was planned. At the time, the secret information was also passed to Dmitri at the Yuriev Institute on Zavarov; responsible for providing technological support to the Special Ops, he planned to use the URTVs to take over Miltia completely.


A young man originally from planet Brezza.

Originally only visiting the Kukai Foundation out of his interest in Lost Jerusalem-era antiques, he found it so comfortable there that he stayed on.

Later, finding a kindred spirit in an elderly old man at the Iron Man bar, he moved in at the Robot Academy and now works night and day as the elderly Professor’s assistant, researching giant robots. A huge fan of liquor, despite his reserved appearance.


One of the transgenic type Realians manufactured by Joachim Mizrahi. Addressed by the nickname Cecily.

Manufactured by order of Sergius XVII according to concrete data taken from Febronia that was tuned and used as the core of a system to control U-DO. Febronia refers to her as her little sister, but Realians possess neither blood relatives nor the concept of parents or siblings; strictly speaking, she is actually Febronia’s clone.

Febronia asks Shion to release their consciousness from the dual bonds of humanity and U-DO. She hopes for the release of all Realian consciousness.


Nickname for Cecilia, younger sister of Febronia. A transgenic type Realian.

See Cecilia.


A colleague of Joachim who participated alongside him in the U-TIC Organization’s Zohar research. He feels an obsessive sense of rivalry towards Joachim.

After Joachim’s death, Sellers plagiarized his life’s work and directed a series of experiments using an Emulator at the Ormus Department of Sacraments. He presently works for the Federation on the development of Omega Res Novae under Dmitri Yuriev.

A man perpetually fixated on surpassing the heights reached by Joachim Mizrahi.

Sellers originally came from the Federation, not the Immigrant Fleet. After discovering the existence of Ormus, he made contact through a personal connection. Though he held the position of Assistant Director of the Department of Sacraments, he had no official rank within Ormus.

Even though, after the collapse of Miltia, Sellers saw the Federation’s advantage and use his connections with Dmitri to join Salvator and the Federation, his decision was motivated exclusively by self-interest in achieving his goals, and not through any personal loyalty to the Federation.

Sergius XIV

The Patriarch of the Immigrant Fleet’s radical faction who conspired with Voyager to assassinate Julius XVIII, a proponent of reconciliation with the Galaxy Federation.

Despite his plans to directly utilize the energy of the Zohar and seize total control of planet Abraxas, the Federation interfered with the political workings of planet Abraxas as a result of the incident in which the Zohar went out of control, forcing him to abdicate as Patriarch before his ambitions could be fulfilled.

Sergius XVII

The Ormus Patriarch. Though he overwhelmed Shion and the other on Miltia by using Proto Omega, his existence was obliterated by the Testaments.

Sergius, like all people of the Zohar, possessed the ability to make contact with the faint waves put out by the Zohar; but as an Ormus Patriarch, his power was stronger than normal. It is believed that this is what allowed him to control Proto Omega remotely. However, his powers were not fully awakened as those of the test subjects kept in Labyrinthos, who had made direct contact with U-DO.


Secretary-type android. Government-issue Galaxy Federation-made android stationed as Dmitri Yuriev’s assistant.

An existence like Zora’s—and android made entirely of artificial parts—was hardly a rarity in the T.C. 4600S, before Realian technology became practical. It is said that they were more highly valued than human workers for the reliability of their memory and the precision of their work, making them well-suited to schedule maintenance and other routine work.

Types with a variety of external appearances were made to suit the needs of various applications. As a secretary-type, Zora was made in a female form, although that sexist way of thinking was met with more than a few complaints.

Tethlla Magus

Central figure of the resistance movement organized by mine workers in the Dabrye Mine to combat the harsh working conditions forced upon them by the U-TIC Organization.

He was captured by the U-TIC Organization during the mine workers’ riots. He was subsequently held as a connection experiment test subject at Labyrinthos, where he lost his life.

While his father Aizen Magus is convinced that the U-TIC Organization murdered Tethlla during the riots, Tethlla’s daughter Mai Magus still believes somewhere in her heart that her father is still alive.


The cutting-edge android built by Kevin to replace KOS-MOS.

T-elos boasts capabilities that far exceed KOS-MOS’s in all respects. Kevin began work on the design during his childhood in Old Miltia, and a portion of his design data was passed on to Ormus by Sellers, their acting technology consultant.

The name “T-elos” is derived from the ancient Greek word for the ultimate state of being or limitless power.

Over 80% of the body structure is based on the reanimated body of Mary Magdalene, recovered from Rennes-le-Château, and thus can be rightly described as flesh and blood.

The reason why T-elos nevertheless vastly surpasses KOS-MOS Version 3 is because T-elos interfaces directly with the U.M.N., regulating the material domain data.

Intending to assimilate the consciousness of KOS-MOS, the half of Mary that exists in imaginary space, and become a single whole, T-elos is instead defeated by the awakened KOS-MOS.

{The name “T-elos” is derived from the ancient Greek word for ultimate state of being or limitless power.}


Helmsman of the Kukai Foundation civilian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa. While gentlemanly in appearance, his personality shifts to that of a daredevil once he grips the helm. He is the childhood friend of Hammer, the navigator.

Nonetheless, his self-labeled “best in space” piloting technique really is top-class, and has gotten the Elsa through countless dangerous situations in the past. Despite his gruff way of speaking and other roguish tendencies, his good nature and constant consideration for others inspire trust in everyone around him.

He exhibits a belief in the supernatural by his exaggerated respect for the dead and his habit of chanting, “Our Father, who art in heaven…” when in a pinch.

A unrivaled womanizer.


URTV unit number 669. Gaignun’s name during his time with the URTVs. Named for the alchemical process of blackening.

See Gaignun.


The illusionary girl who repeatedly appears before Shion with the sound of a chime. She existed as a human during the era of Lost Jerusalem.

At that time, the Zohar was excavated from Lake Turkana and shipped to Toronto, Canada, where its analysis began. After it had been discovered that the Zohar produced tremendous energy in response to a specific brainwave wavelength, everyone had become fixated upon finding a method to extract it. Systems programmer Grimoire Verum completed the control program Lemegeton based on the ancient language that had been unearthed from the same ruins as the Zohar.

The system went out of control during a control experiment, and the young girl participating in the experiment became the first to disappear. The disappearance phenomenon continued to expand, eventually erasing all of {Earth} from dimensional space. The girl who disappeared at this time was none other than Nephilim.

From the fact that the girl’s disappearance coincided with the appearance of Abel, it can be deduced that the two share a cause-and-effect relationship.

The Song of Nephilim is the result of amplifying the wavelengths created by Lemegeton through the use of a giant tuning fork. That system was designed and built by Joachim Mizrahi.


Hyams Corporation representative and Ormus cardinal. Responsible for technological research and development and securing funds, he is the second most influential member of Ormus, after Sergius XVII. Despite this, he has never shown himself in public; even Margulis and his men have never seen him directly.{?}

Many, including Margulis, sympathize with Heinlein’s wish for a return to Lost Jerusalem through Ormus, and give him their loyalty. After the death of Sergius XVII, he assumes control of Ormus and moves to take back Ormus’s holy land, Michtam.

His true identity is Wilhelm, who owned and operated both Vector and Hyams. The development of a Vector-manufactured E.S. at Labyrinthos was all part of Wilhelm’s plan.


His real name is Haksheen White. Genius scientist who graduate at the top of his class at the University of Bormeo.

After graduation, he as scouted by Vector and a number of other top-tier research and development companies. He rejected all of the offers, however, and disappeared.

He met Shion and the others after establishing the dubious research facility known as the Robot Academy on the Kukai Foundation. Later, that fateful meeting became the key to accomplishing his dram of creating an indestructible giant robot, Ede Kaiser.


Navigator of the Kukai Foundation civilian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa.

A renowned hacker as a teenager, he got cocky and made a move on a certain criminal organization’s database, and became targeted for retribution as a result. Saved by Matthews, their relationship has continued since then. He is the childhood friend of Tony, the helmsman.

Even though his navigational skills are top-class and he has the trust of Matthews and Tony, people often assume that he is just a clown upon first meeting him, perhaps because of his levity. While his flippant remarks often incite Matthews’s anger they appear to consider that a part of the bond they share.

Irrepressibly curious, he actively tries to get involved in everything though he’s also timid and often has reservations, quick to back out of what he’s gotten himself into.


The French “pêche” translates into English as “peach.”

Although similar in spelling, the French “péché” translates into English as “sin.”

Albedo’s “Ah, ma belle pêche… there’s no need to tremble like that. Else you’ll make me feel like a… péché myself…” is a play on the similarity between two French words, and is making reference to MOMO’s “sin” of being built atop the corpses of Kirschwassers.

The English translation for “momo” is “peach.” Albedo is truly a cunning linguist.


Representative of Second Miltia’s autonomous government. Friend and sympathizer of Gaignun Kukai and Jr., he played a principal role in establishing the Kukai Foundation. A cautious strategist, always sure to make the first move and pull strings as necessary.

Typically gentle and flexible in demeanor, the depths of his eyes sometimes show a keen sparkle indicative of his history as a military officer. When the Kukai Foundation fell under suspicion, he swiftly made the necessary arrangements to help Gaignun and his team.

He has been aware of the dangers of the Zohar and the U-DO system from an early stage, and has engaged in a variety of activities along with the Kukai Foundation in an effort to stop trouble before it happens.

Jin’s superior during his time in the military, Helmer feared the rise of the U-TIC Organization and the awakening of U-DO and use Jin to gather information.

After the Gnosis terrorism incidents, he began independently monitoring Vector and Dmitri Yuriev under the auspices of the Contact Subcommittee.


Ormus Inquisitor under the command of Chief Inquisitor Margulis. Skilled with a staff.

Formerly a private first-class in the Galaxy Federation Navy and stationed in Sergeant Matthews’{s} detachment. After the unit was disbanded, he took the role of CEO of a U-TIC Organization dummy corporation, Hayes Porter Services.

Hermann’s family has been in the service of Richard’s household since they were both aboard the Immigrant Fleet. Consequently, Hermann has pledged loyalty to Richard since he was born.


Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus. Commands the U-TIC Organization and Ormus’s work forces as Margulis’s right hand. Though her speech and conduct give the impression that she is a moderate, she is ruthless in her efforts to accomplish the Organization’s goals.

Born of the people of Zohar from Michtam like Margulis, she gives her all as an Inquisitor in order to facilitate a return to the holy motherland of Lost Jerusalem.

It appears that she had some form of relationship with Jin Uzuki in the past, and that both of them continue to carry that with them.

Joaquin Rozas

Son of Sharon Rozas. The death of his police officer father in his early childhood made him strongly independent, and he constantly looked after his mother.

Sharon met Jan through her work. Seeing the image of his late father in Jan, Joaquin considered Jan to be his true father after Sharon and Jan were married.

He was killed by Voyager in T.C. 4667.


Chief Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus. Publicly, he holds the title of commander-in-chief of the U-TIC Organization.

A merciless master of the sword, with exceptional battle prowess and crystal-clear judgment; the leadership he displays within Ormus beneath his lofty ideals is absolute.

Muscular in stature, his cheek sports a large scar. That scar was given to him by Jin Uzuki’s sword 15 years earlier, during the Miltian Conflict.

As a youth, both he and Jin Uzuki trained in the sword under Jin’s grandfather; it is said that, at the time, Margulis’s skill surpassed that of Jin.

Upon becoming Colonel of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops, he received orders from Heinlein in his capacity as a member of Ormus and began secret intelligence activities in earnest. The events that occurred during that time tied Margulis and Jin together with strong bonds of fate.

Born a member of planet Michtam’s people of Zohar, he resented the Galaxy Federation for its destruction of his homeland, and pledged loyalty to Cardinal Heinlein in hopes of fulfilling the people of Zohar’s greatest wish: a return to the holy motherland of Lost Jerusalem.

Mai Magus

Tethlla Magus’s beloved daughter. She lives in the Dabrye Mine along with her grandfather, Aizen Magus.

After losing her father in the Dabrye Mine rebellion, she customized {his} favorite Auto-Tech Leupold for use in battle, and protects the peace of the Dabrye Mine.


Captain of the Kukai Foundation civilian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa.

Formerly a member of the Galaxy Federation government’s naval forces, he later became a so-called recycler, roaming through space collecting, repairing, and reselling military goods; the last few years, however, have mainly been filled with work for the Foundation.

A natural leader filled with a sense of social duty, he is quick to step forward to protect the people he knows when danger threatens. However, the fact that his actions are currently driven by the need to repay a huge amount of debt is somewhat pathetic.

A wasteful spender, he is constantly in debt. He is especially deep in debt to the Kukai Foundation; even his beloved swan-like ship has been put up as collateral.

He has a rustic and hearty personality, and is also an unparalleled lush. His love of liquor is such that he created a bar within his ship. Even in an era of technology as advanced as the encephalon, his interests run towards the nostalgic, such as wanting to attend live concerts.


The man who oversaw the large-scale excavation of Kenya’s Lake Turkana under the sponsorship of Vector Industries and discovered ruins connected to the Zohar.

Beyond his name and excavation results, essentially nothing is known about him. Based on his name, he is assumed to be of Japanese descent. His discovery of the Zohar brought about a dramatic change in the subsequent sphere of human existence.

The Zohar discovered by Masuda was transferred to Vector’s labs, where various examinations and experiments were performed.


Goatee-sporting owner of Moby Dick’s Café who looks every bit the part. His name is Stubb.

He originally ran a café in another location, but moved to the Second Sector due to the area’s redevelopment.

Jin recommended “Moby Dick” to him because it features a character who shares his name. He casually began to read this famous novel and got hooked, eventually buying his own copy from Jin’s bookstore. The extent of his affection for the book can be seen from the name of the café and its decor.

His line of liqueurs are popular, but so is his curry and the rest of his food menu. He has passed a variety of recipes on to Shion, a regular at his shop. Whether in earnest or in jest, whenever Jin comes to the café, he tells him, “I wouldn’t mind giving this place up, if it were to Shion.”

Mary Magdalene

A black-haired woman who lived long ago in Lost Jerusalem. She divided up and sealed away chaos’s power as Anima.

In this story, she is called the partner of the Messiah, though it is unknown whether she is actually the historical figure of Mary Magdalene. Judging from her words to Shion in the story, she likely shared some bond with her in her past life.

Mikhail Ortmann

Skilled Operator for the Federation Police Special Ops Command. He is well-versed regarding the U.M.N. and other networks.

Like Erich, he supported the special investigations unit from the outside as they dove into virtual space constructed within the U.M.N. Also, he was usually the one to set the mood within his team.

He died in line of duty in T. C. 4667, the victim of brainjacking while in pursuit of Voyager.

Miyuki Itsumi

Former Systems Programmer for Vector Industries First R&D Division, Shion’s junior.

Her best attribute is her constantly chipper and upbeat personality. Her ability to maintain her usual brightness even under grave circumstances Is not bravado, but a sign of legitimate toughness. Joining Vector Second R&D Division was the realization of her longtime wish. Currently, she’s immersed in new weapons development.

Her tendency to rack up expenses at every turn is perpetual source of headaches amongst her superiors. In a manner of speaking, she is a woman true to her own desires. Quite the mechanical whiz, she is always asking Shion and the others to try out her latest inventions, which include Shion’s M.W.S. Patent applications are something of a hobby for her.

Mary Godwin

A mutant created through Life Recycling. Chief of the Kukai Foundation’s First Strategy Division. Together with Shelley, she assists Jr. and Gaignun and supports the Foundation.

Originally an illegal test subject at a pharmaceutical company, she now resides on the Kukai Foundation after being taken in by Jr. and the others. She speaks with what seems like a strange accent from the outer planets and strives to be the galaxy’s top comedian—supposedly.

Bright and energetic, she keeps the crew and 100-Series aboard the Durandal in top spirits. She is able to communicate telepathically with Shelley via interlink.

Melisse Ortus

Female investigator placed n the 187th Special Ops Command immediately after graduating from the Federation Police Academy.

A no-nonsense woman with a strong sense of justice; quick to take action. However, this meant she frequently placed th e team in danger by acting on her own judgment in the name of her sense of justice.

She was arrested by the Federation Police as part of a group of suspects immediately after Voyager’s attack on the Pilgrimage Meeting in T.C. 4667. However, her culpability was questioned on the ground of her unsound mental condition, and she was later acquitted. She was subsequently sent to a treatment facility, but disappeared after he release.

After T.C. 4669, she was said to be responsible for unifying various anti-U.M.N. groups from around the galaxy and forming the terrorist group known as Scientia.

Captain Moriyama

His full name was Kazuichi Moriyama. He held the rank of captain in the Galaxy Federation Navy, though he was also part of the investigative force following the disappearance of planet Ariadne as captain of the cruiser Woglinde.

He was well liked for his strong sense of responsibility, warm personality, and the high degree of understanding he exhibited towards his subordinates.

Despite his bold command during the large-scale Gnosis attack upon the Woglinde, he lost his life to a Gnosis the smashed directly into the CIC (Combat Information Center).

Yukihira Togashi

Researcher at the KOS-MOS Project General Operations Systems Development Lab. His hobby is judo.

He entered Vector First R&D Division immediately after the incident in which KOS-MOS went out of control.

Though in love with his co-worked Miyuki, she transferred to the Second R&D Division before he had made a move; his sensitive soul, at odds with his appearance, was left holding the pain of unrequited love.

Partially in hopes of distracting himself from his hurt feelings, he makes teasing Allen, the new Chief, a crucial part of his daily routine.

Julius XVIII

The man who held the position of Immigrant Fleet Patriarch during the middle of the T.C. 4600s. He was well-known as a moderate Patriarch who proposed a divide-and-rule system for planet Abraxas with the Galaxy Federation.

His thinking, prioritizing the peaceful use of the Zohar, despite the fact that planet Abraxas was essentially under the sovereignty of the Immigrant Fleet nation, led the future Patriarch Sergius XIV to assassinate him immediately before the Pilgrimage Meeting.

Juli Mizrahi

Galaxy Federation government Contact Subcommittee Dedicated Representative. Wife of the late Joachim Mizrahi. Her maiden name is Niwashiro.

Following the Miltian Conflict, which had been brought about by her husband Joachim, she proposed the establishment of the Contact Subcommittee out of concern for the spreading Gnosis phenomenon.

Though initially cold towards MOMO, who had been created in the image of her beloved daughter, MOMO’s earnestness gradually opened her heart.

She is currently acting as an observer from the Contact Subcommittee at the Consolidated Advanced Technology Testing Ground where the Zohar Project is taking place.

Perhaps, more than wanting to clear her late husband’s name, her true motivation is trying to uncover, through the results of the grand project tied to the Y-Data, just what it was that Joachim had been trying to accomplish.

Joachim Mizrahi

Genius scientist who founded the U-TIC Organization and establish Hilbert theory. The results he left the Federation are immeasurable, including D.S.S.S. And the 100-Series {system}, the development of high-efficiency nanomachines, written works on Realian technology, and the fundamental research concerning the Gnosis phenomenon.

Joachim, who had been born on Abraxas, founded the U-TIC Organization after being contacted by the secret society Ormus. He was subsequently engaged in the reconstruction of the Song of Nephilim, known as the invention of madness, and the development of the Proto Merkabah and the 100-Series Observational Units.

At the time of the Federation’s third descent operation on Miltia, Joachim forced the Song of Nephilim into overload. He cut the connection between Miltia and its surroundings and the U.M.N. In order to contain the expansion of the sudden Gnosis phenomenon and the Zohar, the cause of the conflict, to Miltian space.

Though he was supposedly a madman, had Joachim not contained things in this way, the Gnosis phenomenon would have likely spread at an accelerated pace and have reached all regions of the galaxy much earlier.


Early-era Realian posted as a test model to the Federation Police 1875th Special Ops Command.

Built to look like a human youth. He specialized in collecting and analyzing data for the U.M.N.; his responsibilities as a special forces member focused on these strengths.

Furthermore, Lactis was one of the early-era Realians that had been installed with Program Canaan. Although the true purpose of Program Canaan is unknown, it appears to have been a system thought up by Wilhelm as a way to detect people with a special “trait” which would allow them to become a Testament.

As a result of Project Canaan’s top secret development within Vector, even its development process is unknown; absolutely no materials remain concerning it.

Because the Program is built into the base system within the brain stem in the construction phase, even the Realian in question is unaware of its presence.

It can be deduced that Lactis himself was unaware of the fact that he carried Program Canaan within his body.

Lapis Roman

Member of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Command Intelligence Bureau. Her rank is captain. A subordinate of Second Miltian Representative Helmer, she has been working for several years on an undercover investigation into activities of U-TIC Organization operatives within the ranks of the Federation forces.

When Second Miltia and the Kukai Foundation fell under suspicion, she offered her support and cooperation to Shion and the others, not as a Galaxy Federation captain, but as a loyal subordinate of Helmer.

As Jr. puts it, she’s “pretty cool.”


Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus under the authority of Chief Inquisitor Margulis. Master of the rapier.

Member of an old family with roots that can be traced back to the Immigrant Fleet. His older sister and parents died in an accident in his early childhood; as a result, he became the young master of the house. Hermann’s family had served his family as personal retainers for generations.

His eccentric, almost split personality seems to have been brought on by witnessing his sister’s death.

Luis Virgil

Former lieutenant in the Galaxy Federation Navy. Following the disappearance of planet Ariadne, he was a member of the investigative force aboard the cruiser Woglinde.

He was a top-class A.G.W.S. Pilot. He was fatally shot by KOS-MOS during the Gnosis attack on the Woglinde. A vicious-looking man, the skin all over his body was cracked and splintered as a result of DME addiction.

He showed a prejudicial and cruel attitude towards Realians which bordered on outright enmity. While it is unknown exactly what brought on this hatred for Realians, it seems to be the result of an event which took place 15 years ago when he was a soldier during the second and third Miltian descent operations.

It is thought that he shared some contact at that time with Febronia—the Realian who sent Shion a message in the encephalon.

He later appeared as a Testament, a member of Wilhelm’s vanguard force. His attempts to contact Shion even after he became a Testament appeared to be motivated more by his own past than the result of Wilhelm’s orders.


Girl from planet Ariadne, which underwent Gnosis transformation and disappeared. She was the daughter of the CEO of the Green Plant Company, the center of the artificial plant industry, which was headquartered in Ariadne.

Perhaps due to her father’s work, she loved plants; particularly a company original, the Ariadne Flower.

A space-time anomaly erupted as a result of a string of experiments on the Zohar that had been secretly conducted at a U-TIC Organization research facility on planet Ariadne.

Though her life was spared, her father happened to notice the changes affecting the planet. He then ordered an evacuation of his employees and family. The shock of the planet’s disappearance led her to develop aphasia.

After seeing the Ariadne Flower, grown from the seed Shion and the others retrieved from the giant Gnosis{What?}, she regained her faculty of speech. She is receiving treatment at a medical facility on Second Miltia.


URTV unit number 666. Jr.’s name during his time with the URTVs. Named for the alchemical process of reddening.

The name Rubedo was given to him by Dmitri Yuriev in order to aid his self-awareness; Rubedo, unlike most URTVs, was a variant with a distinct personality. Because of this, Jr. hates being addressed by this name.

Roth Mantel

He designed and developed T-elos and participated in the Zohar Project, run by Dmitri Yuriev, as a special technological assistant.

His true identity is the Red Testament; he changed his appearance in order to monitor Shion and the others. Shion’s quitting, the development of T-elos, and the abandonment of KOS-MOS were all a part of his plan.